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mark h 12th October 2013 11:59 PM

Dedicated Light wind speedboard
Hi Remi,

pouvons-nous s'il vous plaît s'il vous plaît avoir un Speed Special W63/W65?

I have all four Speed Specials and really really need a dedicated light wind speedboard.

Mistral have a 95 litre light winder (but I don't like the 250cm length) and Carbon Art have the excellent 107 litre Speed 63 with it narrow tail (63cm wide).

The Swedish have been using 8.5m and 9.5m on the big Carbon Art 63 speed this summer, and they have already hit 40 knot peaks with these big sails.

The excellent iS107 (and iS97) is very quick on the speed course, but the tail to max width ratio is much to wide for proper speed stance.

I know that the tail/max width ratio for 2014 iSonics is better, but a bigger 63/65cm version of the excellent W58 would be so much faster than the iS107/97.

Would it be possible or is not really viable? :)

Jean-Marc 14th October 2013 09:36 PM


Did you have a go on your iSonic 58 speed + your 9.5 m2 sail ? How is it in say 15 knots wind ?

I'm a light weight at 65 kg. I've tried sometimes iSonic 53 speed + Reflex III 8.6 m2 sail + Deboichet SL4 32 cm in ± 15 knots wind or Code Red 7.7 m2 in ± 18 knots wind. Below 15 knots wind, a much wider slalom iSonic is faster (up to twice the wind speed), especially on a 500 m long course.

What is your definition of light wind speed surfing ? 15 knots of wind ? 10 knots of wind ? 7 knots of wind ?

Cheers !


Remi 15th October 2013 10:14 PM

Bonjour Mark

As tu déjà essayé l'iSonic 90 & 97 Carbon 2014, car la surface mouillé est très nettement inférieur à 2013?

mark h 16th October 2013 09:06 PM

Bonjour Remi

I have not tried the new 2014 90/97 as yet. Hopefully I can try one soon:)

Last year I did test an older iS87 against the W58 and the W58 was faster on super flat water. I imagine that a W63/65 might be faster than a iS97 with an 8.6/9.5m (maybe) :)

Hi Jean-Marc

No I not tried a 9.5m on the W58, but I have used an 8.6m several times on the W58 with 30/32 and 34 fins. Max speeds so far 37 knots (I think I can get 40k max one day). Normally this combo works from 15k winds but also needs bigger gusts on the speed course up to 20/25k to get that extra acceleration to reach higher speeds. This is when the W58 is much faster than Slalom boards. I have used my 9.5m on the iS107, quick but not like an XL speedboard once nicely overpowered.

This year in the UK, we have had a lot of very gusty winds, 10k gusting 20k. This is the typical conditions were the Swedish speed sailors have gone very fast on their CA63's with 8.6/9.5m both in Sweden and Kapathos. I figured that a bigger version of the W58 might catch up with the Swedish light wind speed specialist:)

Macka Packa 17th October 2013 11:25 AM

Just curious Mark - you say the tail width is not effective for speed stance on a slalom board. Could inboard rear straps change the equation? What if the 97 had an alternative option closer to the centre line? Probably a silly question but I am curious.

mark h 17th October 2013 01:07 PM

Hi Patrick, I'd say that by just moving the footstraps more inboard would give control issues when proper overpowered.

I mentioned the tail width, but its also the shape too. The small/med iSonic's have powerful parallel-ish rails shape (perfect for slalom), but the bigger SpeedSpecials have more of a teardrop shape (perfect for overpowered down wind flat water).


Remi 17th October 2013 08:45 PM

Hi Mark

Let me know when you have your own feed back on the 2014 iSonic 90, might be a good surprise here for your goal ;)

All the best

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