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Unregistered 22nd October 2013 08:16 AM

Sails for falcon 125l
I have a few questions.
I bought a board fanatic falcon slalom125l.
I have about 15 hours driving on light wind, but big ambitions. I weigh 70 kg.
The questions are ?

1. What size sail to buy and,
does it have to be exclusively slalom sail ( I think about 7.0 freeride Gaastra pilot )

2.What length of fins do you recommend


COACHG 24th October 2013 02:40 AM

You should post this on the Fanatic website.

1. Size sail is based on wind speed, fin size/type, water state, tides & rider skill. It does not have to be slalom but you will get the most out of a slalom board with a good slalom sail.

2. Your weight with a 7.0? Something in the low 40's.


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