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mikerb 14th November 2013 09:33 PM

Another 110 question I'm Afraid!
My use of the Isonic range is not really in line with the general comments I find on this forum especially in terms of sail size.......I typically use one size smaller than is talked about here throughout. This is probably because I am somewhat lighter at 78kgs than the "big" slalom racers, I do not race, and I prefer to sail well powered rather than overpowered.......and I am getting old! I also use North RAMs rather than the full race Warps.

At the moment I use sails from 6.3 to 8.5 on the 107 and 127 but also have an older ( 2008) 122 which is used a step up/down for both boards. My question is that I want to update the 122 and am not sure whether it will fulfil the same role that I currently use my 122 for. Typical step up ( board size) is when conditions get a bit light for the 7m on my 107, or step down when water conditions get too lumpy for the 7.8 on my 127. The wind has been so variable this year that the 122 has seen quite a bit of use...and it is always far easier to swop boards than rig another sail.

So it boils down to a direct comparison between the 110 and my old 122...say with a 7m semi race sail.
My alternative would be to find a 2012 117 ( 75cm wide) from somewhere.

ps...similar post put in the free forum

Remi 21st November 2013 01:11 PM

Hi Mikerb,

If you want an iSonic to replace your old 122 the 110 will do perfectly the job, first your 122 was a real 114 Liters and the 2014 iSonic 110 is a 112 liters but more modern and efficient.
7.0, 7.8 & 8.6 will perform well on it but in your case the 7.0 and 7.8 will make enjoy your sailing.

Hope this help

All the best

mikerb 21st November 2013 07:32 PM

Isonic 110
Thanks Remi.....I have bought a 110 ( new but 2013 model not 2014). No chance to use it yet but impressed by what I can see. The entire shape looks very well balanced. Volume looks more evenly distributed rather than most of it being behind the mast foot, the deck concave is better shaped than the 107 ( which often feels like you have put your foot in a hole if you venture too inboard of the rail on the gybe footchange!), and the more narrow tail suggest gybing will be a lot more dynamic than the 122 and probably comparable to the 107. I really look forward to getting it wet and reckon during the summer at least it could well become the first board out of the van.

I will hold on to my 107 for rougher water/stronger winds, at least for the time being.........maybe change it for a smaller board if I find it is not getting used!

van 6th February 2014 02:42 PM

Hi Remi,

I am a bit surprised that Starboard still names the boards different volumes than what they are. I thought we were past the days of old. I remember a friend of mine blow his top when he had bought an S-type 93 as well as an s-type 101 if remember correctly and the 101 was actually 97 so had spent an extra 1300 euros for just 4 liters difference. Anyway on that note can you please tell me is the Isonic 110 2013 112 liters as well?

mikerb 7th February 2014 08:30 PM

I think I can answer that for you cos Remi has commented on this subject before. The 110 is 110. Yes the 122 I had was 114 but it was a 2008 board. From what I can see, comparing the volumes as measured by Isaaf and the stated volumes by they are the same..........well at least for the boards registered for the PWA!

Remi 11th February 2014 02:52 AM

Hi Van,

You can find here the correct volume of the iSonic :[8370].pdf
When we make the prototype we sink the boards in a tank to find out the volume and the Factory do this but by scan and this might have some little difference and we know this long time after all art design is done. However you won't feel so small difference particularly is more the width who is more important over the volume and this will not disturb the board performances.
Hope you enjoy your iSonic 112 ;) and blast over your friends.

All the best

van 14th February 2014 09:55 AM

Hi Remi,

Many thanks for that.


mikerb 2nd January 2015 09:43 PM

I thought I should update this thread having used the Is 110 for a year. As stated before I am c 77kg and mostly use the board with a 7m North RAM ( 2013) in c 17kts. Where I sail there are likely to be fairly big wind shifts and some areas that are a bit more sheltered from the wind; there is usually a tide run and conditions are normally fairly choppy. Keeping upwind and dealing with the lulls and shifts are no problem on the 110.
It took me quite a bit of time to tune the board but I think the biggest problem was my sail which was originally a 2011 version of the 7m RAM. It was very fast but had little shape whereas the 2013 version has more shape and more lift. I am using a 41cm Select S1 xl fin and a mast foot position rear of centre and the sail is usually on neutral outhaul with the option to go to +2cm with my adjustable outhaul.
The only thing I would like to improve on is the ride! Compared to both my IS107 and IS 127 I have to say the ride is fairly harsh. I trim all 3 boards to keep the shoulders clear of the water but the 110 seems on occasion to drop enough to hit the chop whereas the other two boards seem to ride much smoother. So I am wondering if a different fin, or maybe just a different size.........or maybe an even more rearward mast foot position would resolve that. The 41cm feels about the right size in all other respects.

mikerb 4th January 2015 10:31 AM

No replies as yet! Meanwhile I have been looking at various fins and am starting to believe that my problem lies with the relatively upright rake of the Select 41 S1 Slam XL. It is quite a lot more upright than the 41cm Select Slam ( ie not the XL model) and even that is a little more upright than the Drake R2R DW which is the fin recommended by Remi.
I have been using a rearward mast foot position to help lift the nose and it seems to me the upright fin is fighting that to push the nose back down, hence the unstable ride depending upon which of those two trim aspects wins the fight from one moment to the next!

mcross19 5th January 2015 06:53 PM

Hi Mike, it sounds like you have worked out for yourself what the bulk of your problem is with the trim on the isonic 110.

These are just my opinions on the matter, I think the Select slalom is the better route to head down rather than the Select XL or Drake DW but I must say that spending a few more £'s on a fin may reap rewards in ride and handling. You don't see the top guys using a Select fin do you? I sometimes sail at Poole so could lend you my F-Hot fin to try if you like? I do think 41 is maybe a touch big for the 7m, I use a 39 but could probably get away with a 40 as a max size. Have you tried moving the foot straps about? Maybe ask Taty or Sean 'O' Brian what their foot strap placing is?

Size wise the 7m is on the small side for the 110 but I am 10Kg heavier than you but I do use this combo occasionally when it is really flat. I just dont think this board is good in any sort of chop and this is where your 107 will come into the mix.

Lastly you say you are using North sails, from what people have said in the past some sails do not suit certain boards as well as others. Maybe this has something to do with the centre of effort or how much low down drive a sail has I do not know. My Overdrives suit the Isonic well.


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