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Carlos Lopes 21st November 2013 02:34 PM

Coming back to Windsurf - iSonic 122l wide OR Formula Experience?
Hi All,

I am out of windsurfing since 2010 due to anterior cruciate ligament lesion that got me really depressive and got me to quit all kinds of physical activity. However, I missed a lot then windsurfing experience and I decided to be back.

My question is - I want to buy a new board to get back (before I got two board, one starboard fish 2003 and a iSonic 111 2008 if I am not mistaken - then iSonic I've sold when I got the knee lesion) and I would like a board that allow me to have the most time possible with planning conditions (light wind and medium wind). I've 5.1, 6.0 and 7.5 sails from NorthSails.

I have two options - one is a iSonic 122 wide and the other a Formula Experience. The iSonic is about 3 years old and the Formula Experience is brand new. Both of them almost the same price (USD200.00 difference - the iSonic is cheaper).

Any ideas? Which of them would make me plan easier and in light winds with the 7.5 sail?

Roger 21st November 2013 03:10 PM

I've never heard of the Isonic 122 Wide and I've had several Isonic 122's (one of my all time favorite boards).
Are you sure you are not talking about the Isonic 117 Wide (I like this one almost even better).
As far as the Formula Experience, your sails are very small for a board this wide.
Normally the class sail size for formula experience is 8.5 m2.
You might plane slightly earlier with the FE board, and your 7.5 , but your smaller sails would not be appropriate for the kinda heavy ASA skinned Formula Experience.
If you liked the Isonic 122 you had before, might be best to go with a know/proven board for you.
7.5m2 is still quite small for the Isonic 122 but I've sailed them with sails all the way down to 4.8 before an they work pretty well and go pretty fast.

mikerb 22nd November 2013 06:23 PM

The Isonic 122 option is the best................I assume it is the 122 at 75 cm will partner your 7.5 nicely. your other sails are too small for light/medium winds though. Probably best to seel them and get a 6.4/6.5 which will also work with the 122.

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