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Carve 25th November 2013 07:00 PM

New sail for my iSonic 110

I have the 2013 iSonic 110. I absolutely love the board. I have been sailing it with a Neil Pryde H2 8.2 and a Simmer SCS 7.0 at first but the last half year I have been using the Simmer SCR 7.8 all the time with the board. I sail it mostly in flat water and the aim is to get going as early as possible and hold on to it until I can sail my freestyle 92 and the 5.2. I guess the wind I have been using the 110 in is between 10-12 to 18 knots. My most used spot is narrow so I do a lot of jibing on it and I try to set new best gps speeds. Best right now is 28 knots, but I know I will do over +30 on a good day. My weight is 72kg.

I find the SCR the best sail of the ones I have used, but I am now planing on getting a Severne 2014 something. Question is which on to get. Should I go Reflex5 or Overdrive? And what size? Will I gain much early planing going for an 8.6 compared to a 7.8 with my weight and if I go for an 8.6 how long can I hold on to it?
Right now I am thinking about the Overdrive 7.8. Reason is that I have read that this sail is better than the Reflex when I do not sail it massive overpowered, that the Overdrive will go as fast as the Reflex and also be more fun in jibes. Am I right?
I have no problems tuning and sailing a full on race sail but I will not do races.

So, which sail is the perfect sail for me to get me going as soon as possible and as fast as possible and also make me hold on to it until I can grab my freestyle gear?

SeanAUS120 25th November 2013 09:46 PM

Go for the OVERDRIVE!

Unless you're trying to do the World Tour, I don't why anyone would want to sail full race sails with all the cams. The Overdrive is soooooo much easier to rig, feels lighter (it is lighter actually!), has the same top-end and control as the R4/5 and did I mention it's easier to rig?

Race sails are quicker to accelerate and have more power sailing at deep downwind angles which we need for the PWA, but most people wouldn't even notice. If I didn't race I'd never use a race sail again.

8.6m will definitely give you a big leg up for early planing and it's the perfect size for the 110. That being said once you're powered up >15 knots the 7.8m will be quicker for GPS runs ... But you already have the 7.8 SCR so why not go for an 8.6 Overdrive. You'll be suprised how long you can handle it in strong winds :-)

OZI 27th November 2013 06:22 AM

Well said Sean:D

Carve 27th November 2013 08:31 AM

Thanks Sean! This was very helpful.

I have ordered the 2013 Overdrive 8.6.

My current mast is a Maverx Daytona 460. I have decided to test it in the Overdrive to see how it works before getting a 490. Do you think it will work? Remember I am just 72kg.

I like what you say about not using race sails if you where not doing the pwa. It also makes me curious. What would you be using? The Overdrive or something without cams? Would you go iSonics or would you go for something easier on boards as well?


SeanAUS120 3rd December 2013 09:38 AM

What would I be using?

The Overdrive. I got some for a photoshoot earlier in the year and sailed them a bunch in over/underpowered conditions. There is almost zero difference in top end speed compared to the Reflex. The difference is in the gybing - the race sails you can even accelerate out of the gybes ... with less cams you just slightly depower (not that much though, but enough that you'd get killed on the PWA).

That being said the race sails are quite specific on tuning, the Overdrives you don't have to worry as much to get the downhaul to the mm correct...they are just more forgiving sails and less hassle (less things to break), easier to rig etc etc etc...

All that being said... this year I bought myself an NCX 7.5m thinking it would just be a fun sail to have in the kitty for friends to use and fun trips. Literally have been sailing the thing every single day in anything from 10-30 knots. Sooooooooo much fun! Nearly as fast as the cammed sail (slower in the gybes and doesn't go downwind very well at all) but it's actually made windsurfing super fun and easy again! I think I'll be sailing no-cams as much as possible when I'm not tuning my racing kit! haha.

Carve 3rd December 2013 06:00 PM

This is good stuff Sean ;) I will probably have to get a NCX after I am finished pretending to be a pwa sailor with the Overdrive at my local spot, hahaha :)

This is to interesting to lett go:
First, what do you think of the Maverx Daytona 460 with a 33cm extension in the Overdrive 8.6? It will save me a 490 mast. Will the 460 work with my 72 kilos?

And, your sail of choice is the NCX. What would be you board of choice? An ISonic 110 or something else?


SeanAUS120 8th December 2013 05:35 AM

Hmmmmm, I'm not sure I can comment on the Maverx masts as I've never seen one before in Australia. Typically, if you put a 460+extendor instead of the 490, you get quite a soft feeling mast. The leach will sit really loose when downhauled and you'll lose a bit of shape in the bottom of the sail. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and to what extent you can get away with it and not lose too much performance will be how close that mast is to the Severne bend curve.

Just go for it, rig it. May have to put a touch less downhaul on so the leach doesn't collapse completely and see if the cams rotate (all masts are different diameter slightly...urgghh) and weather the sail feels ok. If not, beg/borrow/steal a Severne mast to get in there :-)))

I've been sailing my 7.5m NCX on my 2013 110 and 97. Still waiting for my 2014 boards to arrive later this week! The most fun I have on the 97 when it's powered up +20 knots but certainly can have a blast on the 110 in anything above 12-14 knots and it feels great. The 110 is such a nice board. I'm typically running a powerful 42cm fin with the 7.5m.

Carve 2nd January 2014 06:53 PM

Hi Sean and happy new year!

I now got the Overdrive 8.6. Yesterday when I went to the beach and found the wind to light for freestyle I rigged my usual SCR 7.8, but hitting the water it was to small. Then I rigged the Overdrive and had a blast. The sail feels so light and glides so nice. Even slogging it feels small and at the turns it is so easy moving around that I find myself going for heli-tacks. Not that they work that good with the cam rotation, but the sail kind of foul me into thinking it is the most natural thing to do.

Compared to the Overdrive the SCR feels like a stone when I am not fully powered. Planing along with little power is hard physical work with the SCR just to hold it up forward. It first comes to its own with lots of power.

Coming home after sailing yesterday I decided it is was time to split with the SCR and sell it to some other wannabe pro. I have now ordered a NCX 7.0 to compliment my Overdrive 8.6. I am so looking forward to having fun with that sail on the 110.


SeanAUS120 3rd February 2014 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by Carve (Post 61243)
Hi Sean and happy new year!
I have now ordered a NCX 7.0 to compliment my Overdrive 8.6.

Oh wow...that is probably the BEST combination you can possibly own. You'll have fun for sure!! NICE :-))))))))

joe_windsurfer 3rd February 2014 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by SeanAUS120 (Post 61203)
but certainly can have a blast on the 110 in anything above 12-14 knots and it feels great.

Sean: What are you using in those light winds and how much do you weigh?

As an average joe windsurfer of 100 kilos, in those winds i use a FreeFormula with 170 litres and a 10m sail.
I cannot imagine myself out on 110 with an 8.6 sail even :confused:

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