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Carve 25th November 2013 07:02 PM

Remi! New sail for my 2013 iSonic 110?

I have the 2013 iSonic 110. I absolutely love the board. I have been sailing it with a Neil Pryde H2 8.2 and a Simmer SCS 7.0 at first but the last half year I have been using the Simmer SCR 7.8 all the time with the board. I sail it mostly in flat water and the aim is to get going as early as possible and hold on to it until I can sail my freestyle 92 and the 5.2. I guess the wind I have been using the 110 in is between 10-12 to 18 knots. My most used spot is narrow so I do a lot of jibing on it and I try to set new best gps speeds. Best right now is 28 knots, but I know I will do over +30 on a good day. My weight is 72kg.

I find the SCR the best sail of the ones I have used, but I am now planing on getting a Severne 2014 something. Question is which on to get. Should I go Reflex5 or Overdrive? And what size? Will I gain much early planing going for an 8.6 compared to a 7.8 with my weight and if I go for an 8.6 how long can I hold on to it?
Right now I am thinking about the Overdrive 7.8. Reason is that I have read that this sail is better than the Reflex when I do not sail it massive overpowered, that the Overdrive will go as fast as the Reflex and also be more fun in jibes. Am I right?
I have no problems tuning and sailing a full on race sail but I will not do races.

So, which sail is the perfect sail for me to get me going as soon as possible and as fast as possible and also make me hold on to it until I can grab my freestyle gear?

SeanAUS120 25th November 2013 09:48 PM

Replied here - I'm sure Remi will agree - go for the Overdrive! :-))))))

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