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mortenly 26th November 2013 11:38 AM

AtomIQ 110 or 100

Im planning to buy an AtomIQ. My biggest sail is a HSM GPX 7.0 and my next board is a kode 94. Would an AtomIQ 100 be big enough for me or should i go for the 110 (82 kg sailor)?

Chris Pressler 11th December 2013 01:58 PM

Hi Morten,

good question.
I recommend you the 110. The AtomIQ 110 is wide, but very slim and you probably will buy a bigger sail size or exchange the 7,0 with a 7,5. The delivered 38 fin works well for 7,0. If you go for the 100, you are pretty close to the 94 and you have less light wind range.

If you would be at 72 kg, I probably recommend you the 100. But for your weight the 110 will be fine.

Hope it helps,


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