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Unregistered 27th November 2013 12:30 PM

Futura 131 or 141 ?

I may be considered intermediate weighing 90 kgs and 1.81 cm height, i am in footstraps but not gybing yet and our spot has many wind holes ,gusty most of the time (flat water mostly ) wind speed avg is 15-20 knots highest ..

I am planning to buy a futura this year , which size do you think is the best at my weight ? I was more interested in 141 but not sure yet..I use 8,2 and 7.8 sails and maybe can get a bigger one this year..

joe_windsurfer 28th November 2013 01:17 AM

depends ...

what r u comfortable with now ?
my buddy was happy with his 160 / 80 board and went to 130 / 73 cm
he was sorry after
i stayed with my 160 / 79 cm and am still happy
why ?
we tend more towards the 15 knot area than 20
with the holes in the wind/gusty, you want flotation
both of us are over 100 kilos and use 8.x sails
a lighter buddy of mine is fine with his Futura 131
at our weights - and potential holey winds on flat water - perhaps the 141 ??

Unregistered 28th November 2013 07:11 AM

Joe hi,

thanks for your reply..

Wind conditions are very similar to yours, i have sailed with a 131 lts but the spot was really windy and you could just get planing with anything..but in our spot as i mentioned there are many wind holes but on the other hand i am worried about the width of 141 (80.5 cm ) if it will be hard to control under foot or in a chop ..flotation is of course an important matter

Remi 30th November 2013 11:53 PM

Hi Unregistered,

In your case I will go for the 141 and with a second fin Venom 46 for windy time, then you will have a huge wind range.

All the best

Unregistered 1st December 2013 03:21 PM

Remi hi,

Thanks a lot for reply . ? am still in between 131 and 141 , does 141 feel big under foot and get difficult to control , do you think i can get enough comfort from 131 as well ?

thank you

Unregistered 2nd December 2013 07:10 AM

Thanks Remi
Hi Remi ,

Thanks for reply, i have posted another question but still not published just wanted to reply again..

Do you think 141 can be so big and cause any difficulties under foot and hard to control ?

may 131 lt be not enough for sails over 8.0 m2 ? Will it still be comfortable ?


Unregistered 3rd December 2013 09:25 AM

Remi i have replied back to your answer but not getting published on the site i dont know why..

Unregistered 6th December 2013 07:56 AM

Hey Remi,

Thanks for reply, do you think 141 will be more difficult to control under foot than 131 lt as it s 80.5 cm wide and heavier?

Unregistered 21st April 2014 07:52 AM

Remi hi,

Do you think 141 will make a big difference under foot or against chop , will it be more difficult keeping it flat on water ?

best ,

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