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walter B 21st April 2007 06:28 AM

Sailing SUP
I want to buy a SUP to use for surfing and lightwind wavesailing. I looked at the Kona and while it seems a great windsurf board it is heavy and narrow and doesn't seem like it will work that well for surfing or standup paddling. I also looked at the Pacifico. Great shape, seems much lighter. Obviously will work well surfing like a longboard as well as an SUP. Doesn't seem like it would go upwind at all when sailing without a daggerboard.

I am interested in your SUP board because of the box for the mid fin but your board is 12 6 nearly a foot and a half longer than the Pacifico. Is this a power box or tuttle box? and can you put a long fin in that would act like a dagger board greatly increasing your cruising range while sailing?

What's it like sailing one of these SUP boards? Is it like sailing the old original windsurfer?

Walter B.

Chris Pressler 23rd April 2007 06:24 AM

RE: Sailing SUP
Hi Walter,
sailing on the SUP is great. Makes so much fun in flat water and works great in many disciplines, too. You should decide for the wider version. The fin is fixed in a tuttle box. I used a 5.7 sail in 5 knots. Try it out and you will like it.

Have fun,

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