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Waterloo 29th December 2013 01:45 PM

Freeride 12'2" performance
Hi Remi,

Well Santa delivered me a 12'2 Freeride WindSUP for Christmas and have managed a couple of sailing sessions on it so far and clocked up about 80km, was out and planing while the kite boarders sat on the beach this morning:cool:.

Definitely ticks the box on early planing and perfect for those summer breezes.

I have a question on its top end though. Whilst the board got up and going as expected, once the wind picked up an extra 5 knots over the planning threshold I couldn't seem to extract much extra speed. Other windsups I have (which aren't early planing) I can generally get up to 25-26knots. Obviously the 12'2 has a different design paradigm with early planing as a focus, what sort of top end can I expect from it though, or does it more or less "top out" a bit above its planing threshold?

I'm 100kgs and using a 8.0 HSM SuperFreak Ultralight sail and 28cm Lessacher weed fin. Sailing on and off for 30 years, advanced intermediate.

joe_windsurfer 1st January 2014 12:00 PM

you are a heavyweight - like myself

if you are concerned about early planing AND speed, should you not be looking at a SB UltraSonic/US 147 ??? with a 9 - 10 m sail ....

Waterloo 4th January 2014 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by joe_windsurfer (Post 61242)
you are a heavyweight - like myself

if you are concerned about early planing AND speed, should you not be looking at a SB UltraSonic/US 147 ??? with a 9 - 10 m sail ....

No, different beast, I have a US equivalent + 10m. This board is an earlier "planer" with a smaller/lighter sail, more of a "fun board". Looking to get the most out of it when the wind picks up a little.

Roger 4th January 2014 01:46 PM

Waterloo has a 12' 2" Windsup.....not really a windsurfing board at all.
May not even plane in the same way as the new Phantom long boards.
Here's a link:
I'm pretty sure he has the 12'2" windsup Planing board.
No footstraps, goes through the water very easily, but not really a planning
longboard in the way Phantom Race is.
Hope this helps,

joe_windsurfer 4th January 2014 08:53 PM

y'all ...

i realize we are discussing a WindSUP :)
what i did NOT know was the quiver of the OP/original poster

also - figured IF you want to plane early and fast - why are we even discussing this about a WindSUP ??? not meant 4 that - to my understanding ...

Roger 4th January 2014 11:51 PM

I agree, if he has an Ultrasonic equivalent (whatever that is??) and a 10.0 m2 rig
then the Windsup is all choice.
I used to sail a Starboard Serenity, and that was the same sort of choice.
I'll admit I'm biased......I don't SUP.... uses too much energy for very little gain when
in most cases I can put a sail on the same board and go as fast if not faster, perhaps not
in the same direction tho.

Sailboarder 5th January 2014 12:33 AM

If it is similar to my Kona One, you might be in what I call slow plane mode. Because the board is rockered, I am able to get it to plane from an area of the hull that is forward of the normal planing area. While doing this, the back of the board is angled downward instead of upward. This creates a lot of drag. (Imagine a level banana in the water. The front will plane while the back has the reverse angle.)

To solve the issue, I had to walk back on the board, and get used to the fact that the nose will ride higher than I expected initially. It may involve getting the mast back quite a lot too.

Waterloo 24th February 2014 02:19 AM


Waterloo has a 12' 2" Windsup.....not really a windsurfing board at all.
Starboard 2014 Windsurf catalogue describes this board as the "halo model" for 2014!!! - so I am hoping it really is a windsurfing board after all :)

I think this concept has a lot of potential, definitely ticks the light wind "planing feel".

Almost feels like it has two planing thresholds though - that first light wind "planing feel" but as wind picks up board speed picks up to a degree (tops out at about 17knots board speed) but then seems like it needs/wants a bit more to release in a traditional planing sense - so I am wondering how sensitive to mast position etc this is?

Joe, have modern race board, ultra wide slalom etc, they require big heavyish rig which reduces the enjoyment at marginal conditions (I also need to use a weed fin) - the 12'2 Freeride is a totally different concept - planning "feel" with a very lightweight 8.0m rig for my 100kg+ while kites still on the beach. Once the kites get going though, looking to match their pace at 20-22knots... ;)

Soo, anyone out there spent some time on one of these? Remi...Tiesda...?

Again, great concept, looking to maximise its potential, that's all.

PS Remi, has a lightweight version of this been tested? impact on performance?


James 4th March 2014 03:36 PM

So it planes early but seems to max out at a certain speed?

My first thought would be, "is the daggerboard up?" because if the daggerboard was down that would definitely keep you from doing true, full-speed planing.

Second thought is maybe the mast attachment position is too far forward and/or the board's rocker is not curved right to allow the front of the board to rise up clear of the water. Kind of ironic that your slower-to-plane windsups have higher top end, but it would make sense if their curved rockers allow them to ride on the just the tail section once way way powered up.

Third thought is maybe it's something about the little weed fin, like it's not giving you enough lift.

Waterloo 5th March 2014 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by James (Post 61426)
So it planes early but seems to max out at a certain speed?


Yes, this is the case so far.

I think the 12'2 has slightly unconventional design parameters so I am interested in *B feedback as it was touted as their "halo model" for 2014.

The daggerboard relationship to the mast position is much different than conventional and the daggerboard is actually quite flexible and operates, I suspect, similarly to a large formula fin. So when the board gets up to a 'planing feel' it doesn't necessarily rail up on the daggerboard as speed increases I feel that the daggerboard increase its flex.

I have to again re-iterate that this board is not designed as a high wind blaster but rather a board that is better suited to what we conventionally think of as just sub-planning conditions i.e. gets us going with a smile while other gear does not - and this it does very well but I expected it would also plane of the fin alone.

Getting up and planning off the fin (US Box so max fin size is limited - the weed fin I use is the largest area of any US box fin) seems a different proposition though and I have tried a combination of fin sizes/styles and mast positions (there are three positions) and it just seems to not want to release - this may of course be rocker-related.

I think with a bit of refinement this type of board has a big future, but I'm not just ready to sell the race board just yet.

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