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mcross19 3rd January 2014 04:12 PM

AtomIQ 110, anyone tried one?
Hi folks, has anyone tried the AtomIQ 110? I have just bought one as I fancied a freemove board. I will be using it with sails from 5.5-7.5 (or at least that's the plan). Any idea on fin sizes for a 86Kg sailor when using 7.5, 6.7,6.1 and 5.5? Also what type of sail does this board prefer, the plan was to use my 7.5m twin cam, too sporty? The others are 5 batten crossover sails.

Secondly this board was bought to compliment the JP Supersport 124 for when the conditions get a little rougher but the more I think about it the more the JP seems to be being made redundant, I only use it for the 8.6 and 7.5 twin cam sails (mainly 7.5 as the 8.6 is more often than not used on the Ultrasonic). So would you guys recommend the Isonic 117 or something else or stick with what I've got?

Cheers guys.

NWF 5th January 2014 07:51 PM

Ok sailed the board in Costa Brava with NCX 7.5 and was fun in the open sea cruising, efficient and quick with the IS 110 rocker line. Also sailed it recently in wave with 6m Gator and std 38cm fin and weigh 86kgs.. I have seen a few pics with people using turbo twin cam and seems to work, but obviously suits a more free move partnership.... I think your JP would be redundant..... Yes your 8.6 will be suited on ya US 147 and will obviously have great bottom end significantly better than IS 117..... Even though I own a IS 117 myself

mcross19 5th January 2014 11:25 PM

Thanks Alan for your feedback, did the standard 38cm fin work ok with the 7.5m too?

I do use the 8.6m mainly with the Ultrasonic but when I am maxed out the board gets very flighty so if the wind is patchy and I am on and off the plane on my 7.5 I put the 8.6 on the JP and it works well. I do like to have an overlap with boards and sails so that each size sail will work on a different board depending on conditions. Obviously there is the 110 isonic for when conditions are flat I could use the 7.5 with this board?

So my question is what board should I get to sit in-between the Ultrasonic and 110 AtomIQ to use with 8.6m & 7.5m twin cam sails?

110 Isonic?
117 Isonic?
Or stick with the 120 odd litre freerace board?

NWF 22nd January 2014 09:47 PM

Yes it was a standard 38cm which is a good all round fin, but If early planing was a priority then maybe go a tad bigger.... As you know both IS 110 & 117 will work well with 7.5 & 8.6, I suppose it will come down to your sailing location and your own weight...... I have sailed the IS 110 and again a lovely board but actually now own a IS 117 this 2014, which I use as my largest board this year.

Plus just received a AtomiQ 110 myself very playful and has a good turn of speed on it considering its aimed as a free move board....

mcross19 28th February 2014 01:53 PM

Hi guys, finally got round to trying out the Atom 110 yesterday. Conditions were cross offshore and slightly gusty with some mild wind chop at one end of the bay. I rigged my Neil Pryde Fusion 6.7m and slotted in the standard fin and set the foot straps to mid position. My first impression was how stable it was even at slogging speeds but it soon burst onto the plane at the hint of a first gust, I soon hit a lull and the board just breezed through it with no need to take my feet out of the staps. Bearing away in the bigger gusts I could achieve some reasonable speed, even keeping up with a guy on a freerace board and similar sized sail. The board doesn't feel fast because it so darn smooth. Coming across the smallish chop it sailed through it like it wasn't even there. As for the gybes it was responsive and again smooth and this board would definitely help those learning the carve gybe. Tacking it was like tacking a slalom board though, you have to be quick with the feet as the nose sinks, actually the nose sinks if you even put your big toe beyond the mast base when not planning but not a problem for the more experienced sailors. If this board were a touch longer it would appeal to more beginner intermediate groups but that is just my opinion. As for sail sizing goes I would not really want to use any smaller than a 6m at my weight of 86kg but I think it would be ok with a 7.5 as a max size sail but then it would really benefit a slightly bigger fin.

All in all a board fit for the purpose I bought it for.

NWF 28th February 2014 06:05 PM

Glad you wasn't disappointed.

mcross19 28th February 2014 06:54 PM

Definitely not, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Still thinking of changing the supersport for an isonic though, it would be used on flat water only so possibly the 117 as I am not racing just blasting about.

NWF 28th February 2014 08:47 PM

Not saying you have to buy new, but the 2014 117 is very special..... Even though Ive had one previously for a few years, my new is something else.

mcross19 1st March 2014 08:12 PM

Why is the new one better? I thought it was the same as the 2013 model

NWF 5th March 2014 05:43 PM

The 2014 model has a slightly different tail shape with the cutouts etc and can carry larger but also slightly smaller sails better than the 2013 model.

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