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mark h 20th January 2014 10:51 PM

iS90 2014
This is the one I've been watching, mainly as a replacement for my beloved W58 light wind speed board. Was worried that the iS90 might be slower, but Peter V's recent Aussie session has sort of answered my doubts. He was flying

Session information
Date 20 January 2014
Spot Augusta, Australia
Board Starboard iSonic 90, 2014
Sail KA Sails Race 2014 6.3, 2014
Fin Sonntag Fins SL-P 34
GPS type Navi GT-31

Average speed 40.15 knots ( 41.23 40.51 39.96 39.6 39.46 )
Max. 2 sec. (software) 44.44 knots
100 m run 42.86 knots
250 m run 40.54 knots
500 m run 37 knots
Nautical mile 30.04 knots
1 hour 19.12 knots
24 hour 0 km
Alpha racing 24.48 knots
Distance 65 km
Duration 01:39:00
Windspeed 0 - 0 knots
Wind direction SE ( 270)

BelSkorpio 21st January 2014 10:44 AM

It's probably going to be Bjorn's small board for this year's PWA.
He was still doubting between the IS87 and the IS90. I spoke with him on Boot Dusseldorf.
Let's hope there will be wind enough for these kind of boards this year. ;)

kapten k 23rd January 2014 07:17 PM

I took one look at the tail of the IS90, Phoned my dealer and ordered one.
I think i will be amazing as a light wind speed board in choppy swedish waters!

Unregistered 30th January 2014 01:09 PM

Absolutely love mine. Sail open ocean and first go broke my spot PBs. It's control in the chop going broad is incredible. Likes to be powered up to point effectively compared to the iS97 but that's the only negative.

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