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rod_r 10th February 2014 05:56 AM

Searching Older Forum Posts
Hi team

I know this has been covered, but previous "work arounds" to view pre-2006 forum posts no longer seem to work.

How can I view posts prior to August 2006?



rod_r 15th February 2014 01:05 AM

Come on team!
I just bought a 2004 Hypersonic 133 woodie, and I want to read up on it, and I know there's gold in those earlier forums....

Philip 15th February 2014 10:27 PM

Yes I have noticed that as well. Have a HS111 from new and am still finding new things to like about this board. Amazing sail range and very smooth at speed. For smaller sail sizes I have migrated to a lower volume board that is easier to hold down in higher winds for someone of my light weight (even as the Formula guys are blasting about on big gear).

rod_r 16th February 2014 12:00 AM

G'day Philip. At 80 kg, my favourite sail size so far is 8.5. ( I have used 7.5 and 10m as well. ). I followed an old thread about the search engine which pointed me to picosearch, where I can see all the threads, but am unable to open them!

Philip 16th February 2014 03:34 AM

Hi Rod, Yes that is a good sail size 8.4m and is my max for the HS111 in a twin cam sail. My main is 7.2m four cam sail then down to a 5.8m four cam sail also used on the smaller board. The HS likes cam sails with smaller than usual fins. [Further thoughts] however for a few seasons I ran a free ride 7.5m sail like the older RAF kind where the battens rotated about the mast and that worked quite well and its lighter weight was really appreciated. With the 8.4 am running 42cm fin, using 34cm with the 7.2 then 34cm for the 5.8m until the board starts to tram line in the gybes I will change down to 29cm. I set the mast track to suit but will bring it forward when there is evidence of tail walking. But this is just what works with my gear combo.

The settings may well be different for your weight and different combos. I am 63kg when dry which is not often when I am WS. The earlier forum posts you are after had the recommended range of settings by the factory riders so they are well worth tracking down.

rod_r 25th February 2014 11:42 AM

Still waiting team

Jean-Marc 27th February 2014 07:08 PM


I'm afraid to confirm that any forum posts older than August 2006 are lost forever. It's a pity but that's the reality as of today. Previous work-around that I developped no longer works nowaday. Sorry to disappoint you...

If you have specific question about HS, please feel free to go ahead. I rode my HS105 for 10 years (before switching to iSonic 117 Wide), so I might help you, who knows...?

Cheers !


rod_r 27th February 2014 11:02 PM

Thanks JM

It's frustrating because the picosearch shows the threads, but you just can't open them. I'm surprised a long term database could not have been created.

Thanks for the offer of assistance. Will do if I think of anything.

So far, my 8.5 HSM Speedfreak is the nicest sail on it. I have tried my 10.0 Speedfreak but I made the mistake of using my 46cm fin from my 2014 Go141 and it was way over-finned when powered, and a horrible ride.

I also used the 34cm fin with my 7.5, which felt tiny compared to my other boards, and I spun out alot, but when it worked, it worked well. I need to get rid of my lead foot :-)

Jean-Marc 28th February 2014 11:29 AM


I know excatly how do you feel...;-)

In November 2006, I was able to perform an exhaustive search in the 2002-2006 archives with the word "hypersonic". A number of 573 hits were found *. This is still true today :

The most interresting posts about which fins for HS105/HS125 and big sails (+10.x m2) are shown below :

1) fin for HS105, sail 10.5 and rider of 80 kg :
2) fin for HS125, sail 10.4 and rider weight 87 kg :
3) fin of 60 cm or more for HS105/125 :
4) best custom fins for HS105/125 :

However, these 7 links do not work anymore today (they did work in November 2006). I've tried numerous work-around, but without success so far, sorry for that. I might be wrong but I guess the old database has not been ported to the current one because of some sort of incompatibility between the 3 different forum systems that have been used since 2000.

Which HS do you have ? What's your weight ? Whats fins do you use with your HS ?

Cheers !


(*) :

rod_r 28th February 2014 05:01 PM


I have a 2004 133 wood, and am 80kg and 187cm.....sailing coastal inlet, so small chop.

So far I have used the stock 34 with my 7.5, stock 42 with my 8.5, and once the 2014 carve 141 46 fin with my 10.....all times with base in middle position.

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