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Unregistered 22nd March 2014 10:32 AM

What is an ideal footrstrap position for the atom 110?
88kg / 186 cm . Sails 7.5 v6 and 6.2 atlas.
Does another fin size make sense?

hans kleingeld 28th March 2014 06:45 PM


This greatly depends on what you want with the board.
I use the Atom 110 for comfort-speedsurfing:

Front and back footstrap in outer row
Front footstrap in screw most behind
Back footstrap in screw second from behind

Fin is good for allround freeriding etc and will work with your sailsizes.
If you want to surf fast in a straight line the fin is to soft and a stiffer, more stable fin will work better I guess.

mcross19 4th April 2014 11:21 AM

Hi unregistered, I am around the same weight and height as you and I use the middle set on both the forward/aft and inboard/outboard setting and the mast base position bang in the centre and this worked for me. Maybe if you are doing more blasting in flatter conditions then the outboard strap position should be considered. As for fin sizes, I have only used this board with a 6.7 to date so cannot really say for sure but am guessing that the purchase of a slightly larger fin for the 7.5 would help.

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