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Tim Otte 4th June 2014 11:25 PM

Futura 141 - Fin Size for 8.4
Just got my new Futura 141 Carbon.

Mostly intend to use it with 8.4 TR-X sail in winds up to 18 knots. I am 100kg.
Used to sail IS 90 and 107 in higher winds.

I consider the standard fin with 50cm to be on the big side.
I was wondering which fin size is recommended?

ThierryP 7th June 2014 11:20 PM

I am really surprised that the Futura 141 comes with a Tuttle box: with recommended fins sizes of 42 to 52, I would have expected a Deep Tuttle box. If you intend to use it with a TR-X 8.4, I suppose that you are looking at a full-on slalom/race fin (as opposed to a free-race one). With your 100 kg, you are probably looking at 46 to 48 cm, depending on the type of fin, and wind strength; you are not concerned about the board being damaged by the load on a Tuttle box?

Tim Otte 9th June 2014 12:32 PM

Thanks Thierry,

that is what I was also thinking. I think I will go for 46 Maui Ultra Slalom Race, which has a relative lagre area for its length, (an 46 is equivalent to 48/50 normal slalom fin shape).

with respect to Tuttle vs. depe Tuttle I was also surprised to see there just a Tuttle box. As the board is originally equipped with a 50 cm Drake Venom, I would hope the Tuttel box will be abel handle it. Also I couldn't find any reports about such breakages on the Futura.
Can someboy from SB can comment in this please?

mcross19 9th June 2014 07:56 PM

I was using an MFC 48cm slalom fin in my supersport without any problem and that has a power box fitting!

joe_windsurfer 19th July 2014 09:39 AM

why are you so concerned about tuttle vs deep tuttle?
as mcross states - even powerbox with one screw can handle fins up to 50 cm
US box seems to be limited to about 30 cm / one foot long fins
everyone complains about trimm boxes and i have had NO issues using 66 cm fin

when a fin hits a sandbar/rock/obstacle , which finbox does best?
i have catapaulted with a US box and fin + box were fine, but punched a hole in the nose of the board
with a powerbox i hit a sandbar and all was fine - slight indent on nose
the ONLY fin boxes I have seen with repairs ARE tuttle/deep tuttle $%^&*

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