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AlexWind 24th April 2007 05:12 AM

NS X_type Vs. Natural
..Vs. Daytona Vs. R_type Vs. Warp! :D

What a huge number of contendents!
I was thinking about changing my middle size sail (today a 6.0 2000 Naish Edge) for one of the sails above..
Well realistically for an X_type or a Natural..
6.2 or 6.6 are the sizes, I've heard the new sails need to be a little bit bigger than old ones to have the same "power" but maybe I'm wrong..

I got a 2006 R_type 7.8 and it does her job in marginal condition but for the middle range I wish something more confortable to sails (read: camless).

Is the X_type the way to go? How is it in top end speed compared to 2 (R_type) 3 (Daytona) or more (Warp) cambered sails?
And compared to Natural?

Guest 24th April 2007 08:41 PM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
This is an unpopular website, but please ask on the Fanatic website and I'll give you a detailed reply.

Farlo 24th April 2007 08:57 PM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
Hi AlexWind,

Not sure it will help you, but I had the Transam 6.0 and the Tonix 5.8 (ancestors of the X-type and the Natural respectively). The Transam was more stable and faster, so might be the X-type vs the Natural. Both sails lack low end power in ~ 6.0 but they can take huge amounts of wind. I gave the Tonix away afer one year. I still use the Transam in conditions where I was using a 5.0 sail in the 90's, so 6.6 might be the right size to replace your Edge.

AlexWind 25th April 2007 02:29 AM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
Thank you for the reply..
In fact I've heard the new sails can take more wind than the old ones and maybe that's the evolution: only think about the dacron sails size!

About the popularity of the website, well that's another good point..
I mean there were lots of people here in past forum, this one isn't bad.. yeah it needs registration but most of the forum does that's not the point..
I'll write the quest in Fanatic forum but it'd be nice to read some more opinions here ;)

Doby 25th April 2007 02:46 AM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural

Farlo 25th April 2007 08:15 PM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
Hi Alexwind,

Yes I've kept some older NS and I often go with ~ 1 sqm less compared with modern sails. It's amazing how far you can push these new sails, so don't hesitate to take a bigger size. By the way, what are the conditions in Genova? Where is your favorite place for windsurfing?

AlexWind 26th April 2007 12:49 AM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
Thanks for the replies again.
I know the NS sails chart but my question was a bit different.
Ok it gaves me the comparison from R_type, X_type and Daytona in "stars" but I mean.. what means one star?!
It something about feeling!
And there's no comparison between Natural and X_type for example..

I'm thinking on 6.6 for the sail size now even if I saw a 6.2 Natural for good price.. I haven't chosen the model yet..

In Genova there could be good conditionf for windsurfing: you can sail with North wind which is usually quite strong or with SE or E. In this last case there're also nice waves..
Good places to sail are Vada, Voltri, Varazze or somewhere in western Riviera.
Much boards about 100 liters and sails from 4.7 to 5.8 in waves condition and a lot of things in N condition! :p

Farlo 26th April 2007 04:47 AM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
Hi AlexWind,

Unless you want to use this middle size sail on a wave board, go for the X-type. And for waves, take a real wave sail. Those "Freemove" stuff aren't good at anything, really.


AlexWind 26th April 2007 04:25 PM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
As wave sail I've just sold a 2006 NS Ice 5.0.. I didn't like it much becouse it seams "powerless"..
I mean it was 5.0 and it seams it has power of 4.2!
Sure it was light but..

Maybe it's in the topic "new sails less power" but I prefer to have a 5.0 that seams like.. 5.0!! :)

Farlo 27th April 2007 02:42 PM

RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural
Hi ALexWind,

My point is the following: I bougth this Tonix 5.8 (~ Natural) with the intention to use it as a hi-wind slalom and low-wind wave sail. I ended up with a Transam 6.0 for slalom and an Instinct 5.7 for waves. Both are much better than the Tonix for their respective use. So the Natural maybe a fair and - last but not least - affordable compromise, but you will have more fun and excitement with the X-type if you use it mostly for slalom/freeride.


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