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Andy1234 2nd July 2014 07:55 PM

Carve 121 or 131 for my girlfriend? (or: width vs. volume)
Hi all

Congratulation to the plug-and-play characteristics of your Starboard Carve Boards!

My girlfriend uses a 2011 Carve 131 Wood since 4 years now. It’s a perfect match (size, easy control, easy to sail). So why replacing it? Since she is often surfing slightly underpowered (she doesn’t like bigger sails) I would like to provide her with a board that planes better - sometimes there is not much missing, maybe 1 or 2 knots. The idea is to replace the board with a 2014 Carbon model – a Carve 121 or a Carve 131.

The Carve boards got wider and the question is: board decision based on volume or width? Is the 2011 Carve 131 (71cm wide) comparable to the 2014 Carve 131 (75.5cm wide) or the 2014 Carve 121 (72.5cm wide)?

I think my girlfriend could manage a tiny little step forward towards a more sportive (smaller) board, but the step should be very small and hardly noticeable. She still needs the stabilty for manœuvres (but not the volume - she is very light) and she needs easy control when the wind is picking up. But I would like to avoid that the new board feels bulkier.

By the way: Has the 2014 Carve Carbon boards 2 or 3 plugin rows for the footstraps? My girlfriend needs the "third" row now - the very inside and in the front position.

I‘m looking forward for your feedback … and for the extra smile of my girlfriend coming back from the water with her new board.

Thanks ... and cheers from Switzerland

Chris Pressler 4th July 2014 07:25 AM

Hi Andy,

thanks! The Carve boards are easy going, you are right! I would suggest the Carve 121. This board will give your girl friend a bit more control, will start planing at the same time as the 131 as she is a light rider.

Would suggest to go for the lightest construction. The Carve boards have a wider outline and you have many options to get the foot straps fixed further forward and further inside.

If you are looking for a board with a real front option for the foot straps, I would recommend the GO 121, which is available in Tufskin construction only, what makes the board around 2 kg heavier compared to the Carve 121 in light constructions.

Hope that helps and would say the Carve 121 is a good overall choice. Your girlfriend will be stoked!

All the best,

Andy1234 8th July 2014 07:19 AM

Hi Chris
Thanks for your Feedback. So we will go for a Carve 121 Carbon ...
Cheers, Andy

Chris Pressler 8th July 2014 10:44 AM

Cool Andy, have fun with the board. And really hope your girlfriend will like the Carve 121 Carbon, too. Other wise you will come back to me and...

All the best and see you on the water,


mcross19 8th July 2014 05:09 PM

Andy, have a look at the Atom too, it does everything well and is very easy to sail with plenty of foot strap options.

Andy1234 9th July 2014 07:14 PM

Hi mcross19

Thanks ... and it't true: The AtomIQ is a board to have on the list in this case. To be honest: I have no imagination how the board feels on the water and it's unpredictable how the board fits the taste and the windsurfing skills of my girlfriend. Maybe the AtomIQ is better than the Carve in every discipline for skilled Windsurfers. I'm sure we will test the AtomIQ somewhere somewhen to find out. In the meantime we will stick to an approved type of board. And yes, I've seen the variety of the footstrap positions of the AtomIQ on the beach recently.

Assuming the board description on the Starboard website is true (the subsite "Position in the range" is great) it's a clear choice: "... the Atom IQs are more maneuverable and aggressive with a free and lively planing. The Carves are more user-friendly, with a passive planing that doesn’t require much input from the rider ..." My girlfriend isn't ready for a more lively board - she will be on the safer side with the calm and constant planing position of the Carve. But maybe I'm wrong ...

Cheers, Andy

Roger 9th July 2014 11:02 PM

I do not have an Atom IQ to test, but from what I hear, it might be a much better board for
your GF as it planes in a lot less wind, has softer rails, and covers a much wider range of conditions and sail sizes.
Hope this helps,

mcross19 10th July 2014 03:51 AM

Hi Andy, if you've seen one on the beach then maybe you could ask the owner if you could have a go if they are reluctant try lending them your board and ask them to compare the two.

The Atom is not agressive at all, very dosile and it is the Atom that is passive planning.

I would say for sure that if she is less than 75Kg then go for the 100.

Andy1234 13th July 2014 04:49 PM

Hoi Roger, hoi Mcross
Thanks for emphasizing the AtomIQ being the better choice. This promotes me to look for a test board.
She has a weight of 53kg but for a replacement of the Carve 131 (2011, 71 wide) I would go for a AtomIQ 110 (74.5 wide) and not for the AtomIQ 100 (68.5 wide). But this must be confirmed by a test - not an easy task to find a rental board.
Cheers, Andy

mcross19 14th July 2014 10:36 PM

Forget about volumes or width, a fellow windsurfing friend has the Atom 100 and is 75kg and says it is perfect for him. Unless she is planning on using sails bigger than 7m then the 100 would be my recommendation.

For me at nearly 90kg it feels big when using a sub 7m sail and would be too slappy for someone of your wife's weight in anything but flat conditions. Don't think she will disappointed with the Carve either if she were to go that route.

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