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Dutch dude 4th July 2014 12:37 PM

Isonic 97 or 107
I'am an advanced sailoir of 78kg.
When i surf on flat water its normally a choppy lake.

I have an IS 127 2013. Sails: S-type 9.5 and 8.4.

I want to buy an IS 97 or 107 (2012/2013) below the IS127, to renew my quiver which is a 110l freerace board (max sail 8.6m2).
I plan to sail 6.3 RAM, 7.3 S-type and possibly the 8.4 S-type on the 97 / 107.

And thats just were i need your help.
At first hand, it looks like it would be perfect to buy the 97:

IS 127 2013. Sails: 8.4 and 9.5. (preffered: 7.8 to 9.6)
IS 97 2012/2013: Sails: 6.3 and 7.3 (preffered: 5.6 to 7.8)

But I'am afraid that the gap is to big between the 127 and the 97, because i sail the most in 8.4/7.3 winds and it's a great option to have the overlay in boards, because i can switch boards easier then re-rigging a new sail.

Which board can you advise to me?

Thanks in advance!

COACHG 5th July 2014 07:51 AM

Get the 107. At your weight a 7 meter sail is the sweet spot for that board.


Chris Pressler 5th July 2014 03:54 PM

Hi Dutch Dude,

if you are looking for a smaller board, which works fine with 6,3 or 7,3 I would highly recommend the iSonic 97. The 97 works well with a 7,8m, too. Had one last year and was so much fun with 7,8. Used fins from 34 up to 38 cm length. Extremely great jibing board and felt great with 6,2 / 7,0 and 7,8 like mentioned.

If you are looking for a medium board you still can go with an 8,4 you should definitely take the iSonic 107.

Yes there is a gap between these two boards, but depends a bit on how long you can handle the 127.

The 107 is a medium sized board, which is a bit on the bigger side. My personal one sail one board solution would be an iSonic 107 plus 7,8 as the 107 , especially from 2014, starts planing really early.

Hope this helps,


Unregistered 6th July 2014 05:40 PM

Thanks guys for your advise.

I also think that the 107 would fit better in my quiver.

Before i make my final decision i would appriciate if the starboard experts could give me an asviae? Remi?

Remi 7th July 2014 12:12 AM

Hi Dutch Dude,

Between 97 & 107 for this 3 sails, sure their is only the 107 can do all with hi performances, 97 can't handle for performances the 8.4 at all. On top of that the gap between 127 and 97 is to big, so 107 will be the better choice.

Enjoy ;)

All the best

Unregistered 7th July 2014 06:27 AM

Thx remi.

I will go for the 107.

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