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marecek 24th April 2007 04:29 PM

When to start
Hi, youg windsurfers.
Please, could you tel me in which age is possible to start windsurfing. When have you started and with which boards and sails? I have a son 4 years old. He is eager to start, bat I dont know when. And which skills he might to have to start. Is it better on water or on mountain board?
Thanks for your experiences.

Bernd 25th April 2007 01:59 AM

RE: When to start
Aloha Marecek,

I started when I was 7 years old on a Starboard Start with a 1.5 sail. After a month or so I moved to the Starsurfer. I help in the summer with the local windsurfing camp and there are a few 4 and 5 year olds doing it and they seem to get along just fine. The main thing is to let them go at there on pace and keep it fun. Here is my web site if you want to check it out.



honk 19th September 2007 08:15 PM

m... a little help?
HI there !!! When is a good time yo start using a harness? When wich kind of skill , level?

Lehmann-th 5th September 2008 01:52 PM


my son started at his 5th birthday, with a 1.5sqm sail wearing all the time a livejacket.

Best regards,

amado-nb20 10th September 2008 11:05 PM

Hello Marecek,

Here on Bonaire we have kids sail from 2 years old.
They go on the water with a Starboard Kiddy/Start -board
and 1.5 m sails. They need no experience !! They have to
have no fear of water ofcourse, supervision from a distance
and let them go and have fun. Most of the youngster do not
want instruction, they want to find out how it all
works by themselves.
I started when I was 6, did not take any lessons, just looked at others and have everything under control now.
My suggestion is : Go out on the water with your son and
let him have fun with a board and sail he can handle.

ajooo, Amado
Bonaire, Dutch Carribean

jpf 15th September 2008 03:36 AM

Julien Flechet 6 years old on the Moulay Waves

malarky 27th October 2010 05:18 PM

my kids are 5, 9 and 15, the older two are keen to get involved but the youngest is scared of water, once he in he loves it but i think hes just shy... i reckon his fear would make him better at windsurfing cos hed learn faster due to the fear of falling in, thats certainly what happened with me and sailing when i was younger! any tips on how to handle the situation?

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