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boratur11 26th April 2007 12:41 AM

race sails test

I heard that the last issuf french windsurf magazine has some tests of race sails..I would be glad if anyone can give a small report of it.( Hope its the right magazine?)

geo 26th April 2007 01:05 PM

RE: race sails test
I read the race sails test on Planche Mag. They did not test the NP RS due to late availability. Tested all 7.0s, except 6.8 North Warp and a pre-production 6.6 Maui Sails TR-3.
Simmer and TheLoft didn't get high praise other than for ease of use. Gaastra considered lighetr feeling than others. The Warp was the most powerful of the lot and was praised for its performance range, but needs very high downhaul tension. The TR-3 was considered the best all around, praised for its great speed, easy handling coupled with good power and lightness (but was a not much reinforced proto) and won the "coup de coeur" mention.
In the end, they still have to test the NP and they should hopefully test a production 7.0 Maui Sails. My guess is that the NP will replicate the Warp performance and the production MS TR-3 will kill anything else.

Guest 26th April 2007 02:03 PM

RE: race sails test
Have you tested personally every sail,Geo,to say that MS will kill anything around?!!
Look at big numbers of competitions.....

geo 26th April 2007 05:36 PM

RE: race sails test
The reports about the TR-3 were enthusiastic. Expecially about speed and control. Plus, in the PM test the only other sail quite up to the level of the TR-3 is the Warp, and this takes into account that "big number of competitions" already (apart from NP that was not tested). More than this, in my personal opinion at least, extra powerful sails like the Warp or (probably) the RS:7 are best suited for very strong and fit athletes, BD or AA or Micah Buzianis or the like, rather than common sailors. So in the end my guess is that in the hands of normal people the TR-3 will perform extremely well against anything else.
And, well, yes, I must admit... that is just the guess of an average guy who doesn't do much sail testing, but bought two new TR-3s, tested one (7.0) and is absolutely enthusiastic about how well his new sail performs.

mark h 26th April 2007 09:50 PM

RE: race sails test
You can check out the scores here:-

North looks good.


geo 26th April 2007 11:00 PM

RE: race sails test
I was referring to the PlancheMag test, issue 296 March - April 2007.
I see these Wind Magazine tests are more recent and include the RS:7. Testers also seem to have different tastes.

Guest 26th April 2007 11:34 PM

RE: race sails test
mag tests don't allways says all the truth.....

geo 27th April 2007 12:12 AM

RE: race sails test
Yes indeed, one has got to read between the lines, at best.
If you compare the tests on PlancheMag and Wind Magazine, you see that they even gave reverse judgements on some issues. One could say that tastes may differ, or that at least one mag out of the two is untrue.
Anyhow, I am perfectly happy with my TR-3s. And, by the way: how is it possible that a race sail with 9 (nine) battens, 8 (eight) of which tubes, does not get top ratings in "stability"? I think the TR-3 could be sailed even with zero downhaul tension. I sailed my 7.0 in gusts that would have made happy any freestyler on a 5.0, and it just gave plenty of power...

steveC 27th April 2007 01:31 AM

RE: race sails test
The thing that I find so questionable about published test scenarios is the limited and select nature of the whole thing. Although I don't really feel that the test folks are being dishonest in their testing efforts, it's quite apparent to me that there are background business issues that affect what's going on. In my opinion, testing is really an extension of marketing interests of a limited pool of contenders.

What is the best stuff out there? I guess if you invite a select group of players, you will ultimately end up with specialized result that offers some conclusions. But what does it say about the actual market out there? The unlying assumption in the testing is that the best stuff was tested. The fact that many other very capable brands were left out of the mix doesn't even get mentioned. In reality, the reader is given a very limited horizon line to make judgements and decisions. It's like having a beauty pageant that involves a small handful of participants, and in the end, deciding and advertising the most beautiful woman in the world.

Even though things are unlikely to change in the future, I often hope for more honesty about the reasons for selecting a restricted pool for testing. Wouldn't it be interesting if some lesser known companies got some airtime too? The best ideas don't always come from the biggest players in the market.

geo 27th April 2007 03:06 PM

RE: race sails test
I guess that easily available, well distributed materials are more easily tested. Of course, some small(er) manufacturer has the chance to contact the magazine and send the test team a sail to include in their work; but I don't think it is practical to expect PlancheMag or Wind Magazine to make a list of all the smaller manufacturers and ask them materials to test.

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