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rgugli 8th May 2007 05:53 AM

Wave board for me

Would like your reccomendation for me:
first of all type of board (Acid or Evo) and then ideal size.

I sail mostly side or side off shore conditions. Usually waves between 1 meter and 3 meter height (looking from the front). Most of them good waves...I mean, long waves were at least you can do 4-5 bottom turns.
Wind conditions in the days i sail usually go from 14knots to 25 knots and I weight 70 kilos and my height is 1.75cm.

My skills are good, I can handle good jumps as forward and back loops and riding can do good aerials, some 360s, and some goither attempts.

Actually I use an Evo 83 and have used before Evo 83 Active and Acid 80 and 88 wood too.
My favorite sails are Radiator 5.0 and Blade 5.7. I am used to sail powered with the sail as my friends use a bit smaller sails 4.7-5.5 than me.

Now I am in a doubt...I am using too big board for me? is Evo the right board or maybe Acid.

Let me say that I already have an Evo 92 wood so in a very light wind day I can go and play with it.

Thanks a lot for your help

Ola_H 9th May 2007 02:23 AM

RE: Wave board for me
Hi Ricardo.

Yes, I do think you're sailing to big boards. In fact, you're the same weight as me and my all purpose board is the EVO 70. I have fun on the 80/83 too, but for me these are kind of light wind alternatives and when the wave riding gets faster I kind of quickly start to feel the 80/83 a bit limiting. I even opted to have the 80 as my light wind board and sold the 91 since at my weight, only in very special conditions (very slow waves and light wind) I get more out of riding the 91 than the 80. When I encounter good waves, on Maui for example, I mostly sail the EVO 70 even if the conditions are 5.3 or light 5.0. So, from my perspective, the EVO 70 and 80 is a perfect pair. If you want to stay with a big bigger boards, the 75 and 92 will work too and since you don't seem to encounter that much wind, this may seem logical. But personally I like the 70 much better for powered up 5.0 sailing.

If you choose Acids, I think the PA74 would be spot on. Its a very nice and easy riding board. A 5.7 on the PA 74 is pushing it a bit, but at our weight it can work with a slightly bigger fin. Also if you get the PA74 as your small board I would think about keeping the 83 as your big one instead of the 92. If you don't feel the 92 is an absolute must in your quiver, the 83 and PA74 will give you a healthy overlap which make it easier to be on an ideal board in the often kind of critical mid wind range.

Choosing between Acid and EVo is very hard. I like em both but for my style the EVO is better. The PA will give you a more direct carving feel and it prefers a bit more drawn out lines. The EVOs prefer a bit more vertical style and makes recovering in white water easier. The EVOs are looser and makes it easier to react to what the wave does in the middle of the turn. Both the E75 and 70 will offer much better carving of the top at speed than the 83 (which is actually the "stiffest" EVO model).

Hoper this helps. Cheers,

Chris Pressler 11th May 2007 09:31 AM

RE: Wave board for me
Hi Ricardo,
would recommend you the 75, as well will work in the spots in the south of Peru, where you can find onshore stuff. If I would go for a one board decision in Pacasmayo I would decide for the EVO 80. But it's interesting. All the waveseesions I went, except one time, I was on the EVO 75 2007 wood. Like the board. Is a great mix of speed and jumpingstyle, not too short, lively, and still enough lift for my 80 to 82 kilos. Works great from 5.3 to 4.5 with a 22 or 23 fin. The Acid 80 is also a great choice, could get big in Puerto Ceballos.
All the best,

rgugli 13th May 2007 06:26 AM

RE: Wave board for me
hi Chris, good to hear from you and specially as you have sailed here before. Thats great. Yeap, And what do you think of an Acid 74 for those special days with big waves in Pacasmayo or Lobitos, and keep the Evo 80 Wood for the rest of the days? Do you think this can be a better quiver?

Hey, when are you coming back, hope we can meet this time. I guess there is people coming for July here for wavesailing in the north, that is really good season for wind-waves. There is a place called Nonura, virgin spots I have never sailed but surfers say are the best waves ever seen with really strong side-side off winds. We have to get there about 2hours 4x4 road, so the place is totally apart from everywere.

Ricardo Guglielmino

Jonathan 13th May 2007 03:14 PM

RE: Wave board for me
Hi Ricardo,

I have an Evo 80 and a PA74 both wood and I weigh 70kg. I find the Evo fine with a 5.7 and am amazed how much fun it is in light wind, just couldn't see the point of a 90l Evo. I love the PA in high wind blasting mode but haven't really sailed it in proper big waves, I had a Fanatic Freewave 78 that I changed for the PA and find the PA so much more fun to sail, quick to plane, great to jibe but not nearly as harsh as the Fanatic. I went from a 2005 Evo 74 to the 80 and also find this a great improvement. Probably my technique but I always struggled to keep upwind on the Evo 74 in light wind, the 80 is much easier to keep upwind and almost as easy to waveride in onshore wind. The great thing about the Evo 80 for me is the range, I can uphaul it quite easily but still have great control with a 4.5 in strong wind. I did rent an Evo70 in Western Australia and have to agree that the Evo 70 and 80 would be an ideal wave combination - just for me where I sail the high wind is more B+J so the PA seemed the better choice. There really is a big difference between the PA74 and the Evo 80 in terms of sail carrying and general range - much more than 6 litres would usually indicate. I also tried an Evo 75 and found for my weight in Western Australia I felt happier on the Evo 70 - sounds crazy but I think I could get the 70 onto the plane faster than the 75 (to me the Evo 75 felt more like my old Evo 74). The reality is that I believe all of these boards are outstanding and whatever you choose you will get used to and really enjoy - you can't go wrong!

Good luck,

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