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ste 11th May 2007 06:17 PM

F160 and R19
Hi Remi,
I'm considering to buy a stock fin for my F160 because I'm not completelly satisfied with my Deb R13 70 M +6.

I want more upwind angle and power in marginal conditions (less than 10 knotes). Does a Drake R19 Race NR fin work well on a f160 board?

I'm 73 kg, one sail only -11- all conditions, but mostly +- 15 knots on fresh water. Would you recommend it?
Best regards

barks 11th May 2007 07:22 PM

RE: F160 and R19
I wouldn't know about the Drake R19 but the Deboichet R19 (in the S-- +8 configuration) works well on the F160 in low winds, though I'd believe it overpowers pretty soon with a 73kg rider. In less than 15 knots you'd probably be ok though.

Do you feel the current R13 stalling in low winds? A softer fin with more rake (like a R13S+8) would probably be a lot better too.

ste 13th May 2007 03:13 PM

RE: F160 and R19
Thanks Barks for your answer. Yes, it does stall in low winds. I think I will go for a R19...

Remi 13th May 2007 08:19 PM

RE: F160 and R19
Hi Ste,

Even with your 73kgs the R19 soft -- rake + 8cm will give you definitely more performance under 10 knots as your request. Beter angle up wind and downwind and go thrue the lulls beter.

All the best

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