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Hookipa18 13th May 2007 04:20 PM

How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
So far my to speed has been 55.2 km/h combining the Isonic with a CR 7.7. Used the 44 fin that time as the wind was gusty and on the lighter end for a 7.7.

Did 51.6 with the 9.0 combined with the 44 fin yesterday. Think that is not too bad for the size sail...

Compared to the light wind set-up the speed I'm getting out of the 7.7 dissapoints me. Next time I will use the 36 stock fin. But the board doesn't feel loose when I sail with the 7.7 (fin?)..

I have the mast pretty much back in the lower half of the mastrail.

All tips apreciated.

Julian 13th May 2007 09:57 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..

Why not try a 40 cm. fin: makes the board feel more loose but is also small enough to get higher speeds (lesser drag in comparison with the 44) than the 44 you're using.

Hookipa18 14th May 2007 02:34 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
Will try first with the 36 fin. Although that feels small fro a 7.7 sail.

Tried it once but ten the wind dropped, so moved back to the 44 fin.

Erik Loots 14th May 2007 03:03 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
There are several options, all leading to solution.

I see in your profile a Formula board...

Here is the problem (I think):

To go fast on formula you give a lot mastfoot pressure, you need really to push the board into the water, by High boom, big sail etcetc. You probaly give automatically a lot down pressure.

To go fast on Isonic you dont need that much pressure. The Isonic goes fastest when you run it on the last suface next to fin. About 20cm from tail.

To reach that:

-Lower boom (bit by bit)
-Always keep maximum loose leech
-Use longer harness lines (like 28-30")
-Front strap in the back possition
-Outhaul deppending on condition and course (I often use negative outhaul)
-Masttrack back possition

Try to make a comftable stance, but the board should be really loose. You even can try to lift your front foot, to let to board go loose. But do it real light in beginning otherwise you can take some air ;)

I am with

Isonic 135 + 7.5 (or 8.1) with 38cm fin and 14 knots of wind is good for me.
Isonic 105 + 6.9 or 6.3 with 34cm fin and 16knots of wind is good for me.

I did:

Isonic 135 :::: 55 kmh == 30knots (max peak speed) (only light conditions)
Isonic 105 :::: 72 kmh == 40knots (max peak speed) (some stronger conditions :D)

Here video of my style hope you like it :D

Hookipa18 14th May 2007 06:40 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
Hi Erik,
Thanks for the pointers. When you say mast track back, do you mean all the way back?

Have the boom quite low already, will ceck the length of my harness lines.

Don't have any pressure on my front foot when going half or downwind. To keep my foot secure in the straps I twist it a bit. Will try next time to pull up a bit .... slowly ;)

See also that you use the smaller fin with 7.7, will do that too next time.

Again, I'm quite happy with the performance with my 9.0 (51.6 km/h), the set-up feels good an light. Just don't reallly get a lot faster with more wind and a smaller (7.7) sail.

But good tips, will try these! :)

Erik Loots 14th May 2007 07:28 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
The settings above are the most extreme... To get the board loose.. If you put everything to extreme, and the conditions are good, than the board will maybe be even to loose... (read flying) If your set is to loose, slowly put your masttrack forward, and keep the boom on comftable hight.

Depending on your lengte/weight/stance the boom and mastfoot have an ideal spot. Depending on the conditions you can adjust your favorite spot by 2cm in mastfoot and 10cm by boom.

The slalom/speed stance is bit different than formula stance keep that in mind. Try to let the board go looose, and higher speeds will come.

Hangloose and post your speeds on!

Kimba 14th May 2007 08:58 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
I have found on my 122 that i need the base all the way forward for my 9 and a few cm's forward of centre for my 7.5. The 122 now comes with a 38 & 44cm fin suiting these sails perfectly for my size(105kg). I would reccomend getting something between 38 & 40cm for your 7.7.
I don't find I go a lot faster on the 7.5 compared to the 9, 9m/44fin - 30(55.5km/h) 7.5/38fin - 31.7(59km/h) but i am still getting used to the board and this is reaching in normal chop.

Hookipa18 15th May 2007 04:03 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..

I am a bit lighte than you 92kg, but am a bit surprised that you have the mast that much fwd.

All advice that I've read so far is that you should only move the mast fwd if the board starts taking off. But again maybe it works becauzse you are heavier. Also not sure hwo much the 125 and 122 differ?

nifty 16th May 2007 02:50 AM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
I'm a bit lighter than you guys (65kgs) and I found the only way to unleash my 122 is to have the track right back and a high boom. That is with either an 8.6 SSRor 7.5V8.

Duracell 16th May 2007 06:44 PM

RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..
MF forwards, backwards, sideways...
B up, down, tie a ribbon in it...

the above is only comparable if
- sailor weight and size are identical
- setup & stance is optimal & identical (e.g. harness line lentgh, position, sail make, model, year, mast etc. etc. etc.) (which it will almost always be not)

board flat (slightly leeward), ride high, lean back, balance your weight backwards against your sail with your feet pushing forwards, try keeping your sail as far forwards as possible, keep the feet light ON the board (not the same as against the board).

MF & Boom just trim your weight against your setup and riding style which probably will be the actual problem.

When surfing just take a peek at how your board is lying in the water.

Its usually a combination of problems (line length, line position, stance...).
e.g. wind picks up a bit,
- do you adjust your harness line positions?
- do you feel that equal balance in the lines somehow isn't all that cool?
move'm back, don't trim your harness for shlogging or light wind but for more THROTTLE, longer line can help quite a bit too (e.g. 30)

of course a cool fin will make a big difference but you can make one too.

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