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Karen 14th May 2007 08:33 PM

Which board between S-Type 126 & K-96?
My husband and I are intermediate surfers and Starboard fans. We surf in the Netherlands on a quite choppy salt water lake (Grevelingenmeer).

At 63 kg for me the switch from the S-Type 126 2006 to the K-96 2006 is easy.
At 89 kg, my husband thinks he might need a board in between for when the wind is not steady. As a matter of fact he thinks he cannot get back when the wind drops, although he didn't try this out yet.

My questions:
Cannot he get back on the K-96 when the wind drops? What is the real volume of the K-96?
Which additional board would be more suited? A K-106/107 or a S-Type 104 or 115? We like the Kombat for when it's really heavy chop although we both prefer the crispy feeling of the S-Types.
What is the real volume of these boards?

Floyd 15th May 2007 03:58 AM

RE: Which board between S-Type 126 & K-96?
Not on team but sail K96 as my high wind/wave board. I`m 95k and tend to agree with your husband that k86 would be a bit small for slogging in on. I dont think volume is far out but by time you have added weight of board/rig suit and harness you will be well over the flotation available.
I have a Tabou Rocket 64 (115litres) for on days when flotation security is needed. (its a similar board to S type but looser and less dedicated)
K96 on its day is incredible. (Best carving / gybing board I have sailed) but it will have unavoidable inherent weknesses when sailors over 85k use its just small.
Dont listen to lighter sailors saying you only need 5 litres reserve volume. A heabvier sailor carries heavier rig and needs proportionally more reserve volume to get same buoyancy. (Reserve volume is a nonesense) (Imagine a yacht with 5 litres reserve ??? It would be sunk! whereas a model yacht with 5 litres reserve would be fine)
Never sailed k106 but I think its a bit on big side for classic box.
(A k106 would carry upto 7metres ??? A 38cm fin in a classic box ???)
F2 Spice 106 ??? Smaller S type ? Or Rocket 64 ??:):)

Karen 15th May 2007 01:20 PM

RE: Which board between S-Type 126 & K-96?
Thanks for your reply.
I agree with you that from a "normal point of view" 5 litres reserve is not enough.
BUT on the other hand I have recently read an article about (euro)wave boards in the German SURF Magazine which confused me. It said that with regard to these boards you shouldn't look at the volume but at the width of the board. In this case the K-96 is 62 cm wide.

Could somebody of the team also give his opinion please?

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