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Guest 14th May 2007 10:39 PM

How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.
Hi all,

So I got an Ftype 148 (my first board after 1 summer of renting) - thanks for all the advices here (although many pepole recommened a longboard). Anyway, my Ftype surely drives a lot of attention as it's pretty wide. ;-)
I also got a 7.5 Gaastra Matrix (C55 mast). I am 90kgs.
I'm doing ok in non-planning conditions, meaning that I don't get into the water and can go back and forth all day long.

I was able to get in on plane once, maybe twice and it was when the wind was pretty strong (around 4-5B ) and I did it by getting really, really low (basically by crouching) and trying not to bend my forward foot. However I felt like I need to put a lot of power into holding the rig (I'm not using the harness yet), so I guess I'm doing something wrong.

I'd really appreciate hints on the correct stance on this particular board. When not planning I just keep my forward foot about just behind the mast and recently I try to keep it more on the side, too. But getting way to the end (near the straps) seems just impossible.
When wind is stronger I don't seem to move back my front foot a lot, instead, I move back and bend my back leg a lot (thus this crouching stance I mentioned) - is it correct?
Also, my stern is slogging through the water all the time (so I don't see how could I move back on the board even more), I know I should put more weight on a boom - do I just hung on it like a monkey with my arms straight - that would mean sticking my butt back or getting really low on my knees.

Another thing - in marginal conditions, what should be the apropriate stance to start pumping (and how to do it most efficently)? Does it make sense with my weight and with this sail in 3B winds? (if I will be planing for a few seconds only it's fine - I just want to practise).
I also don't want to buy a bigger sail right now. My buddies who ride smaller boards say I should get a smaller sail for the 5-6B days (when I barely can handle my 7.5 - any hints appreciated), but Formula guys on my local spot say 7.5 is minimum for this type of board whatever the conditions are.



Per 14th May 2007 10:49 PM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.
First of all learn to get in the harness. It really makes a difference (competent sailors can get on a plane no matter if they use the harness or not and there's lots of different techniques on this part). When you are in the harness you can concentrate on trimming the rig without using allyour energy just to hold it.

Guest 15th May 2007 12:32 AM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.
But...everybody tells me: first get on planing, then hook in with a harness and use footstraps. And that's what I see usually... So i figured I need to learn how to start planing first and then move on the the harness thing.

How about my other stance-related questions - any hints?


o2bnme 15th May 2007 01:49 AM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.
What Per is trying to say is, to learn how to get into the harness in order to conserve energy.

You are correct. First, you get on a plane, then you hook in and get in the footstraps.

You will probably get a wide variety of advice on this one. I need to think about how to describe this before I respond.

James 15th May 2007 02:50 AM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.
Hi Marek,

Planing early on a short, wide, board is a very technical skill. Also, you probably don't have enough wind most of the time- with a 7.5 you will need at least 4 Bft to get planing, so don't even bother trying in 3 Bft.

Assuming you have 4-5 Bft, here are some tips to get planing:

1. Put the footstraps in the inner positions so they are easier to get into while you're learning.
2. Have a good windsurfer who is about your weight and height try out your gear so they can put the boom, harness lines, and mast base in the right places. Watch the way they sail and imitate it.
3. Try to keep the board level on the water. That means in light winds you will need your front foot near the mast base and your back foot in the middle of the board between the front footstraps. Only when the wind is strong enough for you to put your weight on the sail can you safely move your feet backwards without sinking the tail and tipping the board to the side.
4. When you move your weight back on the board, keep your back foot close to the centerline to keep the board level. Put your front foot in the footstrap first, then turn downwind to accelerate and put your back foot in after you start planing. With your weight supported by the sail, your feet can push the board forwards and sideways without weighing it down.
5. You might be able to get in the harness before both feet are in the footstraps. If so, that will help you transfer your weight into the sail, although it will increase the risk of crashing before you get your feet in the straps.

PS- You should have gotten a longboard. On a longboard it's easier to get in the harness without being planing and in the footstraps. You can learn more gradually, and still sail enjoyably in 2-3 Bft with a 7.5 sail.

Ricbra 15th May 2007 03:09 AM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.

One way of doing this (sailing on the footstraps) is to think that you want to push the board with your foot.
When you´re not planing the loads at play are not big and then stand upright is enough to keep things balanced.
But once the wind kicks in you will have to use your body to balance all the different forces ( in direction and strenght ).
So it's like the sail pulls you and in reaction you push the board using your body anchored in the footstraps and hooked on the boom line.
You can do that not hooked nor in the footstraps but you won't last much :)

As the board increases speed to go on a plane you move towards the footstraps ( out and backward ).
FT 148 has many option to insert the foot straps. Start with them at the more inboard and forward positions. As you feel more confortable start to move the straps more out and backward.

After some time you´ll go to the straps quite quick and will hook when you feel its best for you.

Hope this helps.

Guest 15th May 2007 03:46 AM

RE: F-type
Get 9.5 and very soon everything will be all right

Guest 15th May 2007 03:48 AM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.
OK, thanks a bunch, keep talking, folks ;-).

How about pumping on my Ftype? I have a lot of power to use and I am desperate to start planing :-).
Where should I do with my feet/legs and how to shake that thing most efficiently?


Guest 15th May 2007 02:33 PM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.

Don't even bother about real pumping before you have got a hang on planning sailing.
What you can do, and almost qualifies as pumping, is to pump with the back hand while you are hooked in in the harness.
It gives a little surge of energy that helps you pop onto the plane. But, you will hardly ever plane if you have your front foot anywhere near the mast. feet back first, lean on the sail, and pump with your back hand.

Per 15th May 2007 03:31 PM

RE: How to get on plane on Ftype and what is the correct stance - need help.
Hi Marek..
My point was that you can get planing in or out of the harness. It's very individual. But... if you are not able to use the harness you won't have many chances of staying on the plane for long. You will get sore arms and back, and after a short time you won't be able to concentrate on any of the great advices you got in this thread:p believe me, we've all been there:p:p
Have fun

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