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Duracell 16th May 2007 03:01 PM

ProKids Formula 117 questions
website states

"also designed for adult use"
tail width ~ 70 fin 62 but sail sizes only up to 8.5.

Would this board also work well as light wind board for ~ 80 kg guy with 9.5 sail?

Compared to iS145 tail is wider (~10cm), fin is longer (4cm) so does volume make the difference or are the footstraps placed differently?

Planing threshold compared to iS145 9.5 sail, sailor 80 kg?

Can some knowledgable person comment on this?

mark h 16th May 2007 04:07 PM

RE: ProKids Formula 117 questions
Most kids using a PK Formula are 60is kg, they dont have have weight to take advantage of the extra leverage available through the wide tail, so 62cm/8.5m is all thats needed. Put a grown man on a PK Formula and things change, combined extra weight & strength means that you can go upto 70cm fins and 11m sails (board will be a bit sinky). Also, if you have large feet, you'd need to play around with footstraps as there designed for kids. Are you thinking of getting a PK Formula?


Duracell 16th May 2007 04:13 PM

RE: ProKids Formula 117 questions
There are some ohter boards on the market that have little voulme but relatively large outlines as well. Was wondering if the PKF117 would be a more technical but also earlier/as early planing iS145/iS155. I don't think I really need > 140 ltrs volume. Might be an alternative AND I can always let my kids have a go at it with one of my storm sails ;)

Remi 16th May 2007 05:44 PM

RE: ProKids Formula 117 questions
Hi duracel,

Here kids from 12 years old use the F 16O tufskin with 6,5 and 7,5 and this work perfectly for them. We use the prokids board for kids under 50 kgs, they are faster with the F160 over 50 kgs.

All the best

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