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rhagg 17th May 2007 07:04 AM

The next board
I am 6'0", 60K-weight, 54 years old, I have been sailing on lake water for the past 2years in winds averaging 10-15 mph, but am handling 20-25 mph in the footstraps & harness pretty well. I currently use a techno 293D board with sails from 5.5 to 7.0 freestyle. My favorite is the NP 7m-solo rigged on a standard X-3 (30%) carbon 460 mast. I rarely use the dagger board during sailing, I beach start but have not perfected my water starts or planinig speed jibes. I am considering a new boeard without the dagger board to quicken the ride & am open to your suggestions. I have been looking at the techno-II 148 freestyle series, or the GO board 139 or 155. Whats your input given the info supplied for my next board choice??


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