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TonyC 19th May 2007 10:53 PM

S-Type 93 or 104
Hi Kevin

I am getting back into the sport after 5 years away (kids etc). I was advanced intermediate and my last boards were F2 Axxis 272 (90ltr) and Windtech Course (140ltr). I wish to get a very fast board that is also good at gybing and have settled on the S-Type. I weigh 78kgs (will get back to 82/4 kgs in the next 6 months) and sail in Western Australia with sea breezes of 18-23 knts average. I plan to use Tushingham Storm 5m and Lightning 6.5 sails. Can you advise which would be the best of the S-Type 93 and 104 to get. I primarily will be burn and turn but would also like some upwind ability in the board and plan to maybe do the Ledge to Lancelin in 09 once I get back up to speed. I was told the ST104 was better upwind but I wish to get the smallest/fastest board possible for control in chop etc.

Thanks for any help on this


Kevin Pritchard 21st May 2007 03:33 PM

RE: S-Type 93 or 104
I would go with the 93 if you are looking for the smallest fastest board. This board is great for the 5 and will be good for the 6.5

Hope this helps

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