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Duracell 20th May 2007 02:07 PM

iS133 fin sizes
fin size range described as 36-48
tail width 54.8
sail range 6.5-10.0

In the '07 line up supplied fins and recommended fins have change quite a bit compared to '06 (e.g STs, ST104 '06 was delivered with a 290, now with a 360, K86 with a 300, K87 with a 260)

I'm going to receive my iS133 end of the week and would still like to get an additional fin (should that make sense).

- wasn't there a rule of thumb, fin size till max tail width?
- fins so different between the years?
- shouldn't a Slalom Pro 52 fit the iS133 with a 9.5 well for early planing (8-12kts)? Shouldn't it help early planing? Maybe you could supply a bit of background information an this subject ('07 boards, tails widths vs. fin sizes, especially for the iS133)?


Jean-Marc 20th May 2007 09:19 PM

RE: iS133 fin sizes

For iSonic 133, I've found the stock 48 cm fin to be pretty optimal when well to overpowered with my 10.6 sail. Once underpowered or for earliest planing, a 54 cm fin is better.

With a 9.5 sail, I would say a 48 cm fin is spot on. If you really want early planing in lowest possible wind, I would go up to 50-52 cm max, no more, otherwise drag starts to kick in and will limit the top speed with your sail.

Cheers !


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