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ka72 21st May 2007 05:05 PM

trouble posting to forum
Hi Everyone
I am new here and am having problems posting to this forum. I logged in but it said that I was not authorised to view this forum so could reply to Ellens thread. I have added my response below. Hopefully this will work.

Ellen Faller wrote:
Anyone with reports of warm sailing please post something for those of us in colder areas to read!
Hi Ellen
I have had a few good sessions lately (on the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland Australia) including a speed event last month (link below with some pictures if anyone is interested) with great wind and lovely warm water and air temp. I started the day just wearing shorts and rashie, but it did cool down later in the day and I had to wear a 2mm wetsuit.
It is now approaching our winter, although you can hardly call it winter here with the average temp still about 21-23C and sunny and warm conditions.

Russell 22nd May 2007 02:55 PM

RE: trouble posting to forum
Hi Kellie.

Looks like you had a great event.

How many ladies were at the event or sailing even if not competing.

What else is happening in your area and can you sail all winter.

This forum has gone very dead so it is great to find out what someone is doing. It does not have to be just about competing.

Have fun on the water.


PS. Sorry I said I would not post on this forum again but it is just great to read a report that involves ladies as you here nothing.

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