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Klint 28th May 2007 04:43 AM

Harness line position - larger sails

I've been using Guy Cribbs method of measuring the approximate harness line position with a piece of elastics, check The theory is that the rear line's correct position is 1/3 down (+/- 1-2 cm) the boom measured from the front. This method is really easy and has worked excellent for my 4,5 - 7,0 sails.

However, just bought some larger kit and were out today with a 8,5 cammed freerace sail. All of a sudden the 1/3 method does not seem to apply anymore. Did'nt quite get the rig to balance, felt a lot of pull in my front hand. What way should I move my lines? Had no time to experiment before it was time to pack up and go home.


/ Andy from Sweden

geo 28th May 2007 01:04 PM

RE: Harness line position - larger sails
Just use the good old method. If you feel pull in the front hand, move the lines front. If you feel pull in the back hand, move the lines back.

Ricbra 28th May 2007 10:12 PM

RE: Harness line position - larger sails
Hi Klint,

I did the same with my 8.5 Severne OD.
It feels strange in the beggining but if I´m not wrong, Guy himself says that you´re not supposed to be super comfortable and that there will be some pull at the front (mast) hand. And so it is, in fact.
I guess that it also might require some ajustment in your stance as well. You´ll be more square to the board. So, why don´t you try to see if a little different stance doesn´t make you feel more comfortable?

Using Guy's method I felt that I get less tired and a bit more in control.

Other than that go with what Geo said.

My two cents.

rod_r 29th May 2007 08:07 AM

RE: Harness line position - larger sails
I think Guy actually says that for sails over about 7.5, the harness line position should be moved a couple of inches forward of the 1/3rd back position. I thought this was because you're not always as powered on bigger sails as you are on smaller sizes.

For me with my 7.6m and 9.0m sails, the lines end up in almost the same position.

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