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Terje 31st May 2007 12:49 AM

Biggest sail on the FT-138
Hello all,

Last year, I go for a FT-138 and a 8,4 sail to ride in the the light
I really enjoy this combo which get me on the planning in 10kts of wind
(I am 68 kg).
But it seems that this board can handle a bigger sail and it could make
me ride in the 7 to 12 kts that usually blows on my lake in summer.
Which size of sail would you recommand ?
I was thinking of a 10,5 freerace.



o2bnme 31st May 2007 03:23 AM

RE: Biggest sail on the FT-138
I'd go up to a 10m2, but not 10.5. Their website lists 10.0 as the biggest in the range.

I have a 9.8m2 V8 and use it on the F-Type 148. This is a great combination. I know people who have 10.6 and they've tried my board. They say that that combination is a good one. But they couldn't imagine going bigger. So, I figure that logic holds for the 10.0 as the biggest option for the 138.

I'm 65kg. I'm not sure why they sell the F-Types with such small fins because they really rock with a 68cm or 70cm formula fin. I have an R14 70 Soft for the really light wind days and a R13 68 Medium for stronger winds. Both are stellar for me on this board. I can plane up in around 7 knots. It is very rare to see someone else planing as early on my lake.

Terje 31st May 2007 05:26 PM

RE: Biggest sail on the FT-138
Hi o2bnme,

Thanks for your input on this topic.
Very interesting as we have the same weight.
When investigating for a bigger sail, I intend to keep my current fin (Drake Race 52cm) and keep a 520m mast.
I also expect to have a significant gap between the my 8,4. That's why I think about the 10,5. But 10 may be ok.


o2bnme 31st May 2007 08:21 PM

RE: Biggest sail on the FT-138
I would seriously consider getting a 70cm fin though. I can't imagine getting as much power out of the 9.8 as I do without it. I will admit though that I tried to use my stock 56cm fin with the 148 and found it very hard to keep from spinning out. I have a feeling the large fin has become a crutch for me in some instances. Still, if you want ultimate light wind performance, a larger fin will get it for you. I was using a generic Drake 70cm for the past year, but just got the R14 70 Soft. I have noticed that with the R14, I have even better light wind performance.

But, of course, my primary suggestion would be to get the 10.0 and try it with your current fin stash. If that doesn't work, then go and get a bigger fin. For starters, you don't need to get a super expensive 70cm fin. Just get one on ebay for $100 USD and give it a go. If you don't like it, you can probably sell it for close to what you bought it for. (or find a local who will let you borrow)

Terje 1st June 2007 06:40 PM

RE: Biggest sail on the FT-138
I will try to borrow a 10m² sail and check if it really make a difference with my 8,4 in the really light wind, without too much promomising the ease of use.
Concerning the fin, it seems that I can not go above 60cm as the tail of the FT138 is 60cm wide . I have in mind that the fin size should not exceed the one-foot-off width.

o2bnme 1st June 2007 06:52 PM

RE: Biggest sail on the FT-138
Good point. The 138 is a lot narrower in the tail. Still, my 148 is only 67cm wide and I go with a 70cm in light winds. Maybe you could get up to 64 or 66cm without an issue. Again, find someone's fin to try out. You might be surprised. I'd suggest getting an R13 or R14. I find the R14 I have does get me on a plane sooner than my R13, but it is also 2cm longer. The R13 rails up much nicer and gets me going over the chop. With the larger fins, you'll want to have your straps set as far out as possible. With your weight, I assume you have relatively small feet, so this shouldn't be an issue. I'm size 10 (US scale), which should be a 42 for those in Europe. My heels don't drag at all.

The only reason I keep pushing the longer fins, is to get you the most out of the board for the lightest of winds.

Terje 2nd June 2007 03:37 AM

RE: Biggest sail on the FT-138
You're right, try out different size of fin, especially at the extrem, is probably the best way to feel the benefit in very light wind.
Hope tomorrow the wind will be up enough to start the experiment ;)


kimax 3rd June 2007 04:30 AM

RE: Biggest sail on the FT-138
Hi! Let us know your results...

I have F-158 with 10.5, fin 64cm, my weight 70kg. Today I had first session on this kit and it was great. But I really doubt that 10.5 can work in light wind on 138 liters... And yes, light wind = longest fin you can afford.

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