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robo 1st June 2007 12:27 AM

ISONIC light sailor
I am 65 kgs, which of the isonics I suppose to choose for light, medium and strong condition? Is necessery to have two or three boards?

robo 1st June 2007 12:36 AM

RE: ISONIC light sailor
just forgot to add I want it for racing

o2bnme 1st June 2007 01:00 AM

RE: ISONIC light sailor
I'm 65kg and I use my iSonic 105 (very similar to the 101). I have used it from 4.8 to 8.0, but would consider it primarily a 6.6 to 8.0 board for me. So, with that said, you'd definitely need more than one. I guess it all depends on what you are using it for. If you want as few boards as possible, as I state, it can be used in a wide wind range.

Typically, when I'm on my 4.8 or 5.6, I am using a smaller board though because the board itself is geared more towards the choppy conditions I experience where I sail. And if the wind is too light for the 8.0 to be powered up on the 105, I go to my F-Type 148.

o2bnme 1st June 2007 07:25 AM

RE: ISONIC light sailor
Ah, racing ... so, if you want to be as competitive as possible, you'll want more boards to pick the correct one. If you just want to get out there and race (and be as competitive as possible), you'll be able to get away with fewer boards. I'd say two boards...

The 3 boards I'd choose:
Light wind => iS145 (or iS155 if you want to plane as early as possible without going for a formula board)
Medium wind => iS111
High wind => iS87

The 2 boards I'd choose:
Light wind => iS145 (or iS155 if you want to plane as early as possible)
High wind => iS101

You'll find that the more you sail the iS101, the higher the wind can be. I'm to a point where I'm becoming very competitive with my iS105 and a 34cm fin and 5.6m2 Hucker. I purchased a 30cm fin to see if I can get more control in chop with my 4.8m2 Hucker. And I've proven I'm very competitive with an 8.0m2 Retro on the same board. The key is being fully powered up. I can't emphasize that enough.

DaveQ 2nd June 2007 02:32 AM

RE: ISONIC light sailor

I think you could be quite competitive with 2 iSonics.

I am 180cm, 70 kg, and I am able to plane with iS122/7.6 TR2 sail in 11 knots of wind, so you should be able to use iSonic 122 in all winds except Formula conditions and races. If you put an 8.0 or 8.5 m^2 race sail on it you shoould plane in 10 knots or less. I don't agree with o2bnme about your need for a 145.

On the smaller size, you could look at the 101 or the 87. When you get to be overpowered with a 6.6 on the 122, at your weight you could put the same sail on the 87 and be ripping.

So in summary, with two boards I believe you should be able to compete in races in 10/11knots to 25/30 knots of wind with two iSonics.


mark h 2nd June 2007 03:14 AM

RE: ISONIC light sailor
Hi Robo
The iS145 is to wide for Slalom 42, so might be a problem unless your club/match racing.

Depending on your sail sizes, water conditions and type of racing (figure of 8 or downwind), you can be very competitive with two boards. iS122/iS94 (flat water/lighter winds) or iS111/iS87 (choppier water/higher winds). 3 fins per board will increase the already big range.

In general, the bigger combo is more suited to short leg/figure of 8 style racers as early planning ans acceleration is king. The smaller combo will give you better downwind speed and control, and also long distance as less physical to use.

Alot of the UKWA racers are using just 2 boards with great effect. Easier transport, lower initial outlay and more time on boards so you get to know the boards real well.

Just my penny's worth, Cheers :)

P.S. Hope you kick ass next race.

Chris Pressler 2nd June 2007 05:22 AM

RE: ISONIC light sailor
Hi Robo,
you are quite light. I would suggest the 111 and the 87. Depends a bit on what´s your biggest size. I can handle a 8.4 quite well on a 101 with a 40, but after the jibe it´s hard to stay on topspeed sometimes. The 111 could offer you the lift you need. The 122 is a bit big, just for super light wind in your case.

All the best,

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