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Floyd 1st June 2007 04:49 AM

Lee way? Slip Angle ?
Talking to one of my (richer) yachting friends other day and he reckoned all sailing craft (except on a dead run) suffer from side slip. Or Leeway. You think you are going straight and going to end up straight ahead but you are actually sideslipping "down wind"a touch.
Any body any idea of these side slip angles for windsurfers in various windstrengths and at various speeds. (I suppose its what gives the fins a particular "Angle of Attack" which we seem to hear about but exacatly what sort of angles are we talking about ??? 3 or 4 degrees or what ??? Anybody?? Anything?? Its got to affect fin choice ; design .:|

Ola_H 2nd June 2007 03:50 PM

RE: Lee way? Slip Angle ?
The fenomenon is quite clear. Sail aftersomeone you can seeeasily see it, particularly of the guy in from of you is on a wave board or something.

I have no idea of exact angles though.

BTW, the slight sideslip is what gives the fin its lift.

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