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prigipas 4th June 2007 03:57 PM

which i sonic?
which i sonic is the most suchsesful? i m intrested in one of 101, 111, 122. which one use albeu at the most of his races?

geo 4th June 2007 05:55 PM

RE: which i sonic?
I guess it depends on weather conditions and kind of race.

prigipas 4th June 2007 09:36 PM

RE: which i sonic?
yes i know that. It s always so that, for example the 101 is the succsessful board of the serie and the 111 is not as good as expected althought both boards were disigned from the same person and for the same purpose. That s only an example. i would like to know which i sonic is the most succsesfull one.

mark h 7th June 2007 06:27 AM

RE: which i sonic?
Hard question to answer. Not the answer your looking for I'm sure, but I figure you'd have to say all of them, as he's won races on all 3 boards. The Ian F & the team do say that the iS101 is sweet. Mean time, check out Antoine's comments on this link. =&gauche=reportdetail&ID_BB_LANGUAGES=2

Also check this out. In french, its passed my bedtime, so I hav'nt translated it, soz. But its not difficult to figure out the combos etc.

Antoine Albeau
Taille : 1,86 m
Poids : 96 kg
Choix de planche n°1 : Starboard iSonic 111 car cette planche peut passer de 10 nœuds à 25 nœuds.
Choix de planche n°2 : Starboard iSonic 87, pour faire tout le reste, même dès 20 nœuds si le vent est établi.
Choix de voile n°1 : NeilPryde RS:Racing 9.0
Choix de voile n°2 : NeilPryde RS:Racing 7.8
Choix de voile n°3 : NeilPryde RS:Racing 6.7
La taille de ces voiles ce sera pour un gars de 90/85kg, si le gars est plus léger je conseille 8.4/7.2/6.2, attention maintenant Gruissan est quand même la seule épreuve où on peut avoir du vent très fort. Pour les ailerons, ce n'est pas compliqué, car les iSonic sont vraiment super polyvalentes, avec la iSonic 111 il faut un 42 cm et la iSonic 87 un 34 cm.


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