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Nacho Checa 7th June 2007 06:21 PM

Sail sizes for st 126 and carve 145
Hi all:

I have a stype 126 . Weight 75 k. I'm saliling the most of times with 13-16 knots, and less times 20 -25.
I would like to renew the sails (currently I have 5,8(new) 6,8 and 8,5). I'm thinking to have 5,8 and 7,5 only, but I don't know if it's enough this range of sails and sizes for my board? Do I need other sail between 5,8 and 7,5?

Thank you very much in advance

Duracell 8th June 2007 01:07 AM

RE: Sail sizes for st 126 and carve 145
I think that should work. 7.5 on C144 in 13-16 will already be going quite well, if it picks up a bit you can just swap boards (C144->ST126). I just think that 5.8 might be a bit big in true 20-25 conditions at your weight on the ST126 (depends of course on the conditions, flat or wavy).

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