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TxAgs 8th June 2007 08:43 AM

Just starting out - board suggestions
Hello out there!

I am writing this in the Wome's Forum for my wife who is away at sailing camp this week. not sure if she's learning how to sail or learning how to party with the ladies!

anyway, I am trying to figure out what board to look at getting her. I have heard nothing but good things about Starboard.

Here's the facts:
5'5" 170lbs at the moment she is a beginner. We live near Galveston, TX. It generally blows pretty good here. I like to think between 15-25 throughout the spring and fall. It really dies later in the summer.

I believe she took lessons years ago and she was really getting the hang of it quickly.

I've been looking at the Rio, but would that be too much beginner? What about volume? I get totally lost on that. I am new to the sport also. I picked up a Mistral Prodigy from a coworker. I've sailed dinghies for years, but this is a bit of a switch.

Thanks for any advice!

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