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ka43 12th June 2007 10:01 AM

iSonic 111
Hey guys,
Currently I have a Falcon 111. I have been looking at the iSonic 111 as a newer slalom board. Can aynbody tell me the comparisons of these 2 boards?
Would the SB carry a 8.5?
Im very happy with the Falcon but would like to hear what you think for a possible change?
Much appreciated

CarlosD 13th June 2007 06:17 AM

RE: iSonic 111
Hi KA 43,

I sailed both boards, in fact I tried the Falcon 111 before purchasing my IS 111. Both boards performs very well in the 12-18 knots winds, but hte ISonic have much more control above that range, this means that you can manage 30+ knots gusts without any problem under moderate chopp conditions while Falcon´s guys are putting their lives under serious risk, performing cute maneuvers like catapults, endless spinouts etc.
As regards the sail size I tried the 9.0 code red with the 42 cm fin and no problem, things are getting hotter when you rig an 8.4 (NP RS6 ) and the 42/36 fin, and the board is a dream with my code red 7.7.

I hope this will help you take your decission

Best regards


ka43 13th June 2007 09:04 AM

RE: iSonic 111
Thanks Carlos, much appreciated. I will be using Neutron 8.5, TR3's 7.6 and 6.6.
What size fins are able to be used with this board?

CarlosD 13th June 2007 05:18 PM

RE: iSonic 111
Your sail quiver seems to be optimal for the board
I use the RS6 8,4 with a SL2 42 cm Deboichet fin for light to moderate conditions and the 36 cm stock (Drake) as the wind increase, when overpoweredthen I go for the 7.7 Code Red (a sail very similar to the TR3) with the 36 cm stock fin; altought you can keep this configuration in heavier winds (for my 87 kg) at sustained 20/22+ knots I switch to the ISonic 87 and 6,7 Code Red.
Sometimes I also use the IS 111 with the 6.7 when the wind is hard but unstable, keeping the 36 cm fin.



Daniel B 13th June 2007 07:48 PM

RE: iSonic 111
Does the Deboichet add low end power vs the stock fin ?
Is it worth the change ?
I own a 115 2006, and find the 42 cm fin ( drake curtis ) not that powerfull ( but fast ! ) and difficult to stay upwind unless fully powered ( speccially at our "rio de la plata", with strong currents sometimes )
I am thinking of buying an SL2, but I am not sure what size to buy.
Have you tried the mean line fins ?

CarlosD 17th June 2007 10:19 AM

RE: iSonic 111
Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the delay, I have a relative seriously ill (fortunately she´s recovering) so I was out of the forum the last few days.
The Drake 42 (deboichet design) is slightly wider that the Debo SL2 but i don´t feel any difference in power, but the SL2 seems to be a little bit faster and have a more confortable feeling than the Drake.
I don´t find noticeable upwind performance difference between them.
I didn´t tried the Mean Line fins with the 111 (I have a 36 cm one) but I´m just planning to try it with the 7.7 (overpowered) and 6.7 sails and then I will tell you my XP.



PD My mail is, so you can write me in spanish if you want

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