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chrisnoway 12th June 2007 10:08 PM

wich carve size for my woman ????

my woman fell in love with the starboard we want to buy it. About her: 40 years old, 60 kg, 1,69 m, beginner to advance (she starts driving with harness now). Until now she had a Mistral Explosion with 155l. But know its time to step down to less volume.

My question now: Which volume is best for her also keeping in mind that she wants to keep this board for a long time.

I would suggest the 132 l, but would te 122l or even the 112l Carve also be suitable and fit better (concerning future progress) ?? I am a little afraid that she losses fun if the step from her 155l Explosion (stable like a island) is to big and she falls in the water the whole time !!!!!:@

Whats your opinion ladys ??? (and please keep in mind that beginners/advanced surfers have other prioritis than pros - for them learning is mostly a long time ago !)

Thanx & excuse my english !


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