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skenn158 18th June 2007 09:00 AM

Early Planing? But no Apollos :-(
I'm looking to plane as early as possible but alas here in the USA there are no Apollos to be had and from what I've heard from a vendor there are two (2) 161's left, but still a few 160's, I'm probably not going to be a pro racer anytime soon but I've sailed my 02' Formula 186 for years and want to move into the current version, the winds are often very light in my area. Waiting for the next crop of Apollos in 08 is too long, so what's the ealiest planer after that? the 161? and how much so compared to the 160 and so on? Remi?



windsurferdagg 21st June 2007 12:24 AM

RE: Early Planing? But no Apollos :-(
since no one answered... I guess the old f type from 2006 in the biggest you can get, or the formula would be your best bet I have understood that the old hypersonics with the right technique are very early planers too. I have no idea, as I am a lightweight and can get planing in 10 knots with my 7.6 and the go 139 but since no one else have answered, I thought I would give you my opinion...

AlexWind 21st June 2007 05:08 AM

RE: Early Planing? But no Apollos :-(
I think the best after apollo is a F161 which I've heard is better than its ancestor 160 in light and heavy winds.. After that iSonic 155, even if someone found some differences between the good old F-type..
Since I've not tryed any of them that's all I can tell you collectiong previous posts.. In any case, an UP for you! ;)

o2bnme 21st June 2007 06:53 AM

RE: Early Planing? But no Apollos :-(
I'd love to get a 161 for the lightest of winds. I'm not interested in the extreme of the Apollo because I would still want to be able to use the board in strong winds. I have an F-Type 148, and I've tried a few formula boards... I found there was a significant difference for me. I'll replace the F-Type 148 with a formula board in a few years I figure.

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