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jrk 18th June 2007 04:44 PM

Fast Medium wind board for heavyweights
I am looking for a fast exciting board for use in medium winds, 12- 25 Knots.
I am looking for something with enough buoyancy to get out into the wind and back if required.
I am 110kg advanced intermediate who will be using sails from around 6.5 to 8.5 m free race sails and will be using it in coastal waters with chop but not major swell.
The boards I had in mind were either S Type or i Sonic.
Could you advise the board that would be most suitable for general fast blasting around.


Ian Fox 18th June 2007 05:35 PM

RE: Fast Medium wind board for heavyweights

iSonics 133 and 122 and ST 137 are the most likely candidates from those families. 12-25 is quite a wind range in board sizing terms, so if you'll be spending the majority of your sail time at one or other end of the reange, it would be worth tilting the choice/compromise a little more in that direction. iSonics have a little extra efficency, which always helps in the case of heavier riders, whereas the ST's easier going style makes for a more relaxed big board technique once the conditions are powered - and choppy.

Try and get a test ride / demo on the iS133 (or 122), that should nicely benchmark both the ride and sizing expectations.

Cheers ~ Ian

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