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ka43 21st June 2007 08:05 AM

iSonic 111
Gidday Ian,
Hopefully you can help although anyone else is welcome to add. Currently I have a Falcon 111 but Im looking at changing over to the iSonic 111. Biggest sail to be used will be a 8.5 then down to TR3 7.6 and 6.6.
The iSonic is basically the same volume and width but is a lot shorter.
At 90 kgs will this affect carrying capacity of rig and sailor??
I seem to top out around 32 knots on the Falcon but have seen that the SB seems quicker.
Any info would be much appreciated.

Ian Fox 22nd June 2007 01:17 PM

RE: iSonic 111
Hi Grant,

At 90 kgs and 8.5m, you won't be far from the practical upper sweetspot limit of the iS111, but considering your desired sail range runs right down thru 7.6m to 6.6m, then iS111 is definitely the preference over the iS122 (considering carrying capacity vs size vs performance etc).

Compared to the Falcon 111, the iS's shorter length won't really be a concern (especially once familiar with the iS character, which might/does take a couple of sessions to really get the most from).
The more tail focused distribution of both volume and planing area in the iS111 (c/w Falcon111) actually assist iS111 in carrying capacity in lighter/marginal/upwind conditions, where the iS delivers a reasonable advantage over the Falcon, without iS conceding top end or control at the other end of the range. Falcon 111 design has dated a little now by modern standards, but fully lit, that Falcon wasn't a board that lacked too sadly at open water top end speed, either..

Net result ; iS111 delivers a more rangy solution, typical of the iS "advantage" against many others. It is certainly not a difficult ride, but also one that rewards extra experience/input with extra performance as well.

Cheers ~ Ian

Screamer 22nd June 2007 08:06 PM

RE: iSonic 111
Hi Ian
While we're at it, a similar question. Rider weight 85 kilos, freerace sails Daytonas 7.3 and 9.0. (used 75% and 25% respectively) Do you think that a 9.0 will be usable or over the top on an iS111? I should add that this is not my most important sail (obviously), and that I have a lot of mileage on hyper105 + 9.0 (but that wasn't very fun).
Maybe a (future) change to 7.0 + 8.5 would be a little better match.

Ian Fox 25th June 2007 06:25 PM

RE: iSonic 111
Hi Screamer,

9.0 will be useable but over the top. (How's that !!??)
OK, HS105 and iS111 are very different animals, but that feeling of over gearing the rig for a given rider weight/board size you already know - and don't enjoy... If you're really looking to "sweetspot" good versatile speed around 7-7.5m thru 8.5/9.0m bigger riders, have a good look at the 122, it's definitely more the bigger rider's choice if you don't want/expect too much use with sails below 7m (performance tuning/riding, not comfort !).

Not sure where/if that fits with your other boards, but definitely worth considering (noting Grant's 90kg/111 option above based heavily on sweetspoting across the 6.6-7.6 range as well as having some minimal reserve for the 8.5m).
If he was asking for 7.6m+ 8.5m, no doubt what the answer would be...

Cheers ~ Ian

Screamer 25th June 2007 09:21 PM

RE: iSonic 111
Well I supposed you were going to say that ;)..... I've tried iS122, liked it very much, but I think it's sweetspot is around 8-9 sq.m. I use 7.3 the most by far (for which I prefer less than 75 wide board). Next smaller board Kombat86. Well I think I'll maybe go down to 8.5 as my biggest sail.

G 27th June 2007 12:01 AM

RE: iSonic 111
Ok, I sailed my 111 last 3 times on the water (in 5 days!) always with 6,8.Conditions covered all the 6,8 range (somethimes it was too light or too strong) .
Sailed with all the guys of the racing crew (all powered by SX M) .
I'd like to promote the way the 111 handle the chop and its jibe attitude . No way to give it a problem !! Maybe (just maybe!) it doesn't give you the speed sensation (in my opinion it's great because you won't be scared when really fast!) but its average speed is agreable. The guys with F2 said me that the board doen't "feel" fast but when reaching we were absolutely at the same "G" (Star has more control in big wind) .Maybe (but it directly depends by me because i never wanted to really overpower it with my 7,8)) it lacks the 6th gear but you have power everywhere with the best control I've found in a slalom board (I've sailed a great number of them!) .
Like other Starboard it loves to be well powered to deliver the best.Very important is the fin choice (go bigger) .
Next time I'll switch for 7,8 and I'll let you know how it works.

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