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aviv 26th June 2007 01:39 AM

nose orotector for s-tipe

is there an original nose protector for s-tipe 93 litters?
what i mean is if there is something that u can attach to the nose of the board to protect it from hitting the head of the boon when i fall.

if there is something like that:
is it original for s-tipe?
what color is it?
how much is it cost?
where can i get it? - i live in israel.


AlexWind 26th June 2007 02:32 AM

RE: nose orotector for s-tipe
If you look at this page you can see there is a nose protector for ST93

I saw some pics in last years bochure I think..

aviv 28th June 2007 12:29 AM

RE: nose orotector for s-tipe
thanks. but my s-tipe is a 2006 module,
and the shape of the nose is a little bit different.
can i have the same link for the 2006 module?


AlexWind 29th June 2007 06:18 AM

RE: nose orotector for s-tipe
Here is the 2006 line page

I have the 2006 s-type 93 too: great board, isn't it?

aviv 29th June 2007 12:32 PM

RE: nose orotector for s-tipe

it sure is a great board.
i liked it from the first time i tried it.
that's why i want to protect is't nose. when you like someone, you don't want to heat his nose :)

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