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AlexWind 6th July 2007 06:49 PM

Andrea Cucchi Tech Tips
Well in another topic we were discussing about the weight of a sail.
I have read a very interesting article about that by a famous italian rider (and Starboard rider as well..), Andrea Cucchi.
I asked him if I could translate one of his "Tech Tips" (p.s. they really are very very interesting!!! You can find them at . If you want me to translate some of them, tell me!!)

Here's the one about the:

Heavy Sail?

Are you sure the extra weight is in your sail?
I often recive emails with the following question: "What is your sail weight?"
Curiously I always can't understand why such a question.
The lightest sail on the beach can be the heaviest onece rideing and viceversa.
If a sail feels heavy on water it could be for its wrong rigging.

After many mails on the topic, I began to wonder why this question is so frequent.
Yeah, we often use big sails in slalom rideing so theorically if they're light it would be better.. but there had been many answers:

I'm old, I have bypasses so if the sail is light I can better lift it
Lighter = early planing
-100g = + half an hour of sailing
I have less effort on manouvers
I have better waterstart

As long as I know the market, I started asking which mast do they often use

In the 90% of the cases the answer was: 30% carbon

Here's the real problem about the weight. Many think that as long as you can't see the mast, it mustn't be so important. Others prefers to save money on mast in order to buy the latest sail.

If you consider the weight of a full x-ply and renforced sail with a very light one, without reinforcements, you can notice a difference of 200-300g

Have you ever tried to compare masts weight?

30% 2.3 kg
55% 2.0 kg
75% 1.8 kg
100% 1.3 kg

That's it, 1 kg vs 200/300g that could be between a reinforced sail and a not reinforced one!

For sure, in many cases a 100% mast costs much more than a 30% one but the weight difference is remarkable.

So, it's better to spend a little bit more on a +% carbon mast (which lasts more than one season) and on a more reinforced sail (which last more than one season as well!).
You won't have only a up-to 600g weight reducement, but you'll have much more performance!
A 30% carbon mast has less reflex so the sail feels much more heavy and responseless. The reflex of a 100% mast makes the twist of a sail work in 1/3 of the time or more so it feels much lighter and powerfull.

Then there come other factors in order to make a sail feel light:

Boom type and diameter
Boom holding methods

That's it! Do you like it?
Other articles are:

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Guest 11th July 2007 05:50 AM

RE: Andrea Cucchi Tech Tips
Would it be possible for you to translate into English the two Formula articles? (andature + partenza) They seem to be really interesting.

Thank you!


AlexWind 12th July 2007 06:15 PM

RE: Andrea Cucchi Tech Tips
Ok, I'll do it as soon as I can! ;)

windsurferdagg 12th July 2007 11:49 PM

RE: Andrea Cucchi Tech Tips
same with the sail trim to mm... sounds interesting! and quiver maintenence if you have time. id rather maintain my quiver... i can't afford to damage it :(


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