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Mike T 6th July 2007 09:56 PM

Repair Paint
Hi Star-board team. Does anyone have any idea for (touch up paint) for the silver paint on a kombat. I've done a nose job on the board and just need to paint it. Maybe someone knows a US paint code that would work. Maybe BMW silver, Toyota Silver? Any help would be great.
Bye the way You guys make great boards keep up the good work! Thanks Mike

Ian Fox 7th July 2007 12:04 PM

RE: Repair Paint
Hi Mike,

This one comes up from time to time ~ and has seen some heated discussion over point codes etc :)

Some paint shops can (and other's can't) match directly from the original Pantone code Silver 877 CVC.

One of the issues with finding "equivilents" is matching the texture of the metallic content (very course in the 877 CVC) , not just the silver toning itself.

Best suggestion (if you want the match as close to perfect as possible, also allowing for color fade/variation etc etc) is to take your board (as color reference) to an automotive paint shop that can mix to sample and get them to prepare a small qty. In some locations, it's now possible to have the "custom" color loaded into small touch up spray cans, ready to go.

Cheers ~ Ian

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