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theo winter 7th July 2007 02:55 PM

footstrap (im) possibilities on I sonics and S types
Dear ?

I wanted to buy 2 months ago either I sonic 111 or S type 126 however found out that the (outer) fotstrap positions are impossible to use for me (size 47 european, I'm 1.99 tall and weigh 102 kg's) since my heel is then really too far over the edge. I read in german Surf lately they had a similar comment on the Carve and just read the Board test on the S type and they also commented on it.

Now I'm not really in a hurry however am wondering why not a second row of plugs is taken along in the I sonic just approx 1 or 2 cm more inboard (like the JP supersport) which would solve this problem (at least for me but also my windsurfing buddy who has size 46). Reading on the forum about new board to be launched (both I sonics as well as carves, maybe a combination?) I was wondering what the Starboard ideas on this are?

Comments would be appreciated, Thank's in advance, Theo

WSguy 10th July 2007 09:01 PM

RE: footstrap (im) possibilities on I sonics and S types
Include me in as someone who wants a good answer to this. I'm sailing with a Naish Icon that only has an extreme outboard position to the back strap. It seems that with the big fins, this is the only way to set the straps for control. I've had a lot of trouble adapting to this set-up, crashing often while trying to get into the back strap. Consequently, I'm looking for something a little less extreme, although I have a 44 Eu foot.

Erik Loots 12th July 2007 09:29 PM

RE: footstrap (im) possibilities on I sonics and S types
Problem most of time is: instability, if your frontfoot is pulling out of the footstrap, than your setup is wrong (sailsetup).

My Carbon Art Speed 44 is 25cm wide at the backfootstrap. I have european size 47-48 my foot is 28cm. No problems @ all.

Top tip:

the footstraps has to be wide, its is good when you just can see your little toe.

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