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waskesui 11th July 2007 04:59 AM

need a new board
I am looking to replace my ancient 8'9 AHD high wind slalom board with something with a sail range of 4'0-5'5. I need something that wont sink given that I mostly sail gusty lake conditions these days. I have a smaller board (7'11) for when it really cranks. I am a 125 lbs (56kg) female sailor. I have been thinking along the lines of an evo or combat, any suggestions would be appreciated

Jean-Marc 29th October 2007 06:24 PM


To replace your high wind slalom board, I would recommend you the iSonic 76. Fast, easy-going, very comfy ride, I'm sure it will be a floater for your weight (the hull sinks to my upper ankle with my 65 kg on a dead stop). Absolute great fun with a racing 6.6 sail.

For B&J and freeride blasting, the Kombat 79 is plenty enough for your weight. It's more floaty than iSonic 76 for my weight as well. Great fun with a freeride or wave 6.0/6.2 sail; still rips nice with a 3.7 sail up to 40 knots of winds for a 62 kg pal.

Cheers !


Jean-Marc 30th October 2007 03:45 AM

Morane (aka momoFra59), 53 kg, is using her iSonic 76 with a Severne Code Red 5.6 in 15-20 knots wind :
as well as a Code Red 6.7 sail in lighter wind:

Christine (62 kg) is using her iSonic 76 with North Warp 5.8 and 6.8 sails in 15-30 knots wind :

Drop her an email/PM or leave a post here in english if you need more assistance.

Cheers !


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