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Guest 17th July 2007 12:21 AM

WTB Formula 161
I saw the 161 in action at the Mid Winters but after being out of town for a couple of months, when I got back in I found there are simply none to be had... The closest I can find is the seemingly last remaining 160. The retailers I've called said they 'may' have a limited number of the 08's in around September.... I was cash in hand, ready to buy and got a bit frustrated looking and looking for the current Formula from SB.. Sooooo, I thought I'd try this forum.. does anyone out in Starboard forum land know of a current source of either new or used, 161, (1st choice) or even the current Formula Experience (2nd choice, but I've about given up otherwise...)


Guest 17th July 2007 04:54 AM

RE: WTB Formula 161
You should wait for the 2008 formula boards.

It's worth waiting for, and I am serious about this,

Most of the top guys are using Starboard Formula boards they are simply the best and the fastest..


Unregistered 29th May 2008 03:38 AM

I've been trying the 161 this summer now for the first time.
I've bought it second hand in November 2007 from a competition surfer.

I must say it is the fastest planning board I've ever surfed on.

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