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Karen 20th July 2007 04:14 PM

Please help me with the choice of the right Kombat volumes!
I have just sold my Evo 74 because I prefer the feeling of the Kombat 96 which I own already since 1,5 year.

Winsurfing conditions:
We sail on a (very often) gusty and choppy salt water lake (Grevelingenmeer in the Netherlands) and on the seaside at the Brouwersdam with very small waves. The waves are kind of "stopped" by a sandbank 5 km down in the sea, that's why they are small.

My weight is 63 kg.
My husband's weight is 90 kg
I will use the Kombat with 3.8, 4.2, 5.0, 5.5
My husband will use it with 5.0, 5.5, 6.5

My questions:
Do I sink at 63 kg with the K-79 if the wind drops suddenly?
Does my husband sink at 90 kg with the K-96?
If yes, than we should maybe better go for the K-87 & K107?

What do you think that would be the best choice for us?

Ola_H 20th July 2007 06:52 PM

RE: Please help me with the choice of the right Kombat volumes!
Hi Karen

Looking at your husband first, if you already own the 96, your husband should have a pretty good feel of wether the volume is enough to float him. At an absolute standstill, the board will sink a bit because 90kg+ about 20kg gear weight is more than 96, but the more skilled you are, the more it will actually feel like a floater as soon as there is _any_ kind of movement going on. So, if there is any kind of wind left and with a bit of balance, you can get home safely on a K96 at 90 kilos. The 107 will carry 6.5 better at that weight though but I think the 96/97 will be the most all round size overall for your husband.

Looking at your, at 63 kilos you should clearly be on the smallest possible Kombat. The K79 will pretty much flat you even at a full standstill. In fact, if you have been happy on the EVO 74 when it comes to pure size, you could also look at the Pure Acid 74. It will feel a tiny bit smaller than the E74, but the sailing feeling of it is actually pretty close to the Kombats (similar rocker and bottom) and the PA74 will be easier when its windy for sure. At your weight it will handle 5.5 easily too. But you will loose a bit of stability at slow speeds, so which one of the PA74 and K79 that is the best board depends on your skill level.

Please ask again if you want more info.

Karen 21st July 2007 01:27 AM

RE: Please help me with the choice of the right Kombat volumes!
Thank you Ola for your clear answer but I still have a question for my husband.

I think I will go for the Kombat 79 because where we surf, it's not very often windy enough for a 3.8 or 4.2 in the weekends. Most of the time my smallest sail is 5.5.

I still have a last question for my husband:

He has never ridden the Kombat 96 at less than 20 knots, therefore I cannot say if he can manage if the wind drops suddenly.
With regard to the Kombat 107: the volume seems OK at his weight BUT I think the board is so wide (65,5 cm) that it becomes hard for him to ride in harsh shop or small waves.

What do you think?

Ola_H 21st July 2007 04:39 PM

RE: Please help me with the choice of the right Kombat volumes!
I don't think you should be afraid of the width. The performance of a board (including control in chop) depends on many other factors too and the Kombats are designed to go really well in chop. That said, boards size is always a compromise between effectiveness in light wind (big board) and control in high wind (small board). At 90 kilos I think he will manage the 107 quite well though, but since you already own the 96, the best thing is to try a light wind session on that board before investing in a new one. New boards are nice, but even if you decide to get a 107, getting some experience on how a 96l board handle light wind is still a good thing.

Karen 27th July 2007 03:00 PM

RE: Please help me with the choice of the right Kombat volumes!
Hej Ola!

Like we are on holiday now, my husband has got the time to do some light wind sessions on the K-96 before we make a final decision about which board volume is best suited for him.

Thanks a lot for your clear view and for having clarified things out for us!


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