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i_pica 25th July 2007 12:48 PM

Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul
I have the oportunity to buy a Hypersonic 125, but before doing this I must admit that I have some doubts regarding the sinkage under 80kg body weight.
Waterstart is not my favourite, and thus my rig is a 7.3 Hi-Tech race slalom, 4 cam with a huge luff pochet.
I am sailing on an antique board 250l and I think is the time to pass to a more radical equipment. Lately I've tested a 146l board and I found it easy enough to adapt; uphaul was no problem.
Sometimes the wind conditions can vary quick from 3-4 to 1-2, so I am wondering if HS 125 will be enough for uphaul with a 80kg sailor and a 7.3 to 9 sail range.
Before doing this investment I want you advise and opinion.
Thank you!

Ian Fox 25th July 2007 01:42 PM

RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul
Hi i_pica,

With moderate skill the HS125 will certainly be a practical "get you home" uphaul with 80kg rider and 7.3 racesail. The additional volume of HS125 (123Lt actual) over the HS105 was specifically added to assist in this regard and is more than sufficent for moderate weight riders on medium sail sizes. The shorter (than antique) length makes a little more (initial) challenge in fore/aft trimming the HS125 during uphaul than some older (longer) ~125 Lt boards, however the reasonable width also adds a more stable platform. After a little familiarity, this quickly becomes second nature and no big deal.

To put it in perspective, with some challenge, riders to 90Kg have been successfully uphauling HS105 (1zero5) with racesails up to around 9m, but that is about the upper practical limit (and the issue as always with uphauling is what is possible to one seems impractical to another! )

HS also has another "get you home" in dying winds advantage (c/w normal flat bottom boards) in the deeply concaved hull shape tracks to windward better in subplaning conditions, allowing less loss of upwind position when returning to shore during subplaning conditions.

Cheers ~ Ian

i_pica 25th July 2007 05:10 PM

RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul
Thank you for your quick answer Ian.
Seems that will be a great deal... I hope I can revert in the future with some comments about my ride on a HS125.

Roger 25th July 2007 10:05 PM

RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul
Hi i_pica,
Just to add to Ian's recommendations (which I agree with totally) I think that coming from a 250 liter longboard (or even the 146 liter board) you are going find the Hypersonic 125 very hard to uphaul, right at first.
What you need to do is space your feet (one in front of the mast one behind the mast) differently than you would on your longboard or the 146 liter shortboard as Hypersonic is very short, and has limited volume in the nose.
So, when uphauling, you need to place your front foot just forward of the mast foot and your rear foot quite a ways back, so that your stance and weight are shifted back further on the board where it's stable.
Using the normal (same spacing ahead of and behind the mast) foot positons is going to sink the nose of the board and make uphauling very difficult, but not impossible.
Shift your weight back so you maintain both rail to rail and fore and aft trim and you won't have any problems.
Hope this helps,

Ken 27th July 2007 03:22 AM

RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul

I am 80 kg and have excellent skills. In freshwater, 105 liters is about smallest I can go without having the board sink (water over the deck). If I place my feet correctly, the deck stays pretty dry. The board is somewhat unstable for uphauling, but it's not too difficult with PRACTICE.

I use this board when I want to be sure that I can get home in winds too light to water start (less than 10 knots).

A 125 liter board will easily float you, but as Roger & Ian say - you have to get your feet / weight centered properly to uphaul. A few centimeters off and some part of the board is going to start sinking, making it more difficult to keep your balance. Wave action will also play a role too. More waves = more difficult to keep your balance.

Practice your water starts. When you get it figured out, it is sooo much easier than up hauling - if there is enough wind.

Maximus 27th July 2007 06:01 AM

RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul
Buy a snorkel!

Ken 27th July 2007 11:10 PM

RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul
I have seen some guys that had the water line up to their groin uphauling small boards.

I guess you might need a snorkel if you were uphauling a 10 liter board.

There should be record - smallest volume board successfully uphauled & sailed (10 meters distance?) in less than 5 knots of wind.

Something for the 60 to 70 kg sailors to try.

Maximus 29th July 2007 06:04 AM

RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul
How about a homemade speedboard competition?

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